Roon 1.8 stops spontanically on ipad pro with ios 15 4 1

Roon Core Machine

My roon core 1.8 is running on a mac mini.

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Description of Issue

The behavior on my ipad pro started when I upgraded to the ios 15.4.1 release last week. The music keeps playing, but the remote on my ipad stops spontanically, even while using it actively. On my iphone or computers (macs) everything works normally.

Has anybody additional information about this behavior and how to return to normal usage?

Uninstall and reinstall the iPad app…also check you are running the latest build 923 on all devices

I tried this but to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Try and clear your network settings. This seems to be a general all purpose fix when needed.
You WILL need your wlan passwords though!

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