Roon 1.8 update can't find my squeezbox devices

Roon Core Machine

432 Aeon Evo

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus router/ Silent Angel switches/ Hard wired

Connected Audio Devices

432 evo server feeds an Aqua la Scala dac via usb

Number of Tracks in Library

I can’t see how many tracks now after this update but it is over 5-6 TB

Description of Issue

After the update, it keeps searching for the squeezebox devices but can’t find it My library is located in the 432 evo server which is a squeezebox device. It see’s my core as the Vortexbox and sees my zenmini as a bridge but is not seeing the library and I have no dacs to enable.

Just to clarify, that is not a squeezebox device.

Are you sure your remote is signed into the right roon core? Both the Vortexbox and the Evo may be running a roon core but by the sounds of things the Evo is where the Storage and DAC is. Try signing your remote out and then signing back in again to see if you are offered two roon cores.

Ok. I’ll try that. Just to clarify, the 432 EVO is the vortex box and when I open the app it see’s the core but can’t find any of the library or the dacs connected to it. I know this update adjusted the library somehow and now I literally have nothing.

Ok. I’ve tried shutting the server off and rebooting. No luck. Roon still sees no library or any of my DACs in the network. When I opened Roon it said that it looks like my storage was offline which it is not. Please help!

Here is a screenshot of my audio settings. Absolutely nothing!!

What does your storage settings look like?

The storage settings haven’t changed. Here you go…

Ok. My misunderstanding. I thought there were two separate physical Evo and VortexBox servers.

But what are your Squeezebox devices? Do you have any? What does your audio settings screen look like? What devices have you enabled?

The Evo is seen on Roon as a squeezebox device. As the screenshot earlier shows, it cannot see it but is at the same time sees it as a core. The Evo is running USB to an aqua dac and that is not being found either. Neither is my Zen mini that is located downstairs even though it shows up in my about section of the Roon app. (screenshot added here)

Hi @Matt_Thomas, can you please take a look at this article and give the recovery process outlined there a try?

Hey @Matt_Thomas,

I am hopeful that since we didn’t hear back, things have improved on your end. If they didn’t, we’d love to continue to help. Could you please let us know :nerd_face: ?

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