Roon 1.8 - where can I see tags & playlists for a track? [Solved]

Roon 1.8 - where can I see tags & playlists for a track?
The previous version showed the info next to the track name


Same question here. Is this something we can toggle on/off? I like to see what playlists each album/track is linked to while I browse.


I think many of the new features of Roon 1.8 are a big step forward and I like the new user interface. The mobile versions have matured.

But the omission of information on individual tracks about whether they have been added to a playlist or whether they have been tagged or not is a major drawback for this release. It makes managing playlists and tags a nightmare. Please put them back !!!


I totally agree! There is a lot of information in my personal library that based on tags for individual tracks and I’ve always used them in an album view. But now there are no tags not only in a track list, but I can’t even see already added tags when I open “Add to tag” menu! Where are those tick boxes or something like that? I mean any indication in the tag list that this tag was chosen/added. It’s very disappointing and like a nightmare, totally ruined my cataloging habits. Bring back tags for tracks, please!

And what about playlists? It’s also awful! When I listen to this album I need to know that some of these tracks were already added in the playlist “funk”, but now I don’t see it and this situation is leading us to add the same tracks to the same playlists several times — unnecessary actions and duplicates in playlists. Very frustrating. :frowning:


They are gone. There is no settings to get them back. If you use ROONTRACKTAG, nothing will appear but the tag will be attached to the song for when you use Focus. Not sure of every instance that this tags and the playlist tags will be visible, but they aren’t gone (as in deleted), they just aren’t displayed anymore under or next to the track

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If true, this is the end of my Roon subscription


Seriously?!? no way to see the tags & playlists? I can still add tags to tracks and they seem to work fine, but I don’t see a way to remove a tag.


Try the tag browser. You might be able to remove items from tags there - but it’s not the same. Hopefully the track tag functionality gets reinstated soon.


It threw me too, but…
Go to Side bar menu /Tags and go to the album you want to remove the tag from.
On iPad, long press on album then ‘…’ in the top menu followed by Remove from Tag

Hope this helps.

Same here, really no way to display track tags anymore?! Spent years on adding those to add my track ratings… Apart from this, I really like the new 1.8 in most other aspects.


Yeah - even the tick marks are gone! No way to tell what tags are applied. The look is nicer but the listening experience isn’t :frowning:


Agree totaly! On tracks we need information is it on the some playlist already. This is MUST


I agree with everything said here. And I’m having the same problems. Since I also heavily categorize my music for later selecting it as a DJ, tags are really essential to me. I use them to rate tracks and albums and to categorize them with a lot of effort and detail. I assign every track to a genre, a mood, a tempo, sonic qualities etc. Although all of this information seems to be still there, with the new UI not showing tags this became completely useless to me because I am not able to see those tags except for when I browse by them. I always wished I could also see my tags in tracks or playlist view but this change in the UI even made it worse. Now Roon became almost completely useless for my way of listening to and organizing music. And I just renewed my subscription for another year …


@danny @brian This altered behaviour more or less (more more than less) renders Roon useless for me. I share Roon with my husband, but we both don’t like to be bothered by each others music and the way we like to navigate through it all the time. Since profiles are - still? - not really profiles in Roon, I can not add or delete albums to and from the Roon-database. I am therefore totally dependent on playlists and tags to keep track of “my” music. If the previous behaviour of playlists and tags will not be restored, I will have to go look to other software that better caters me. We had so hoped that instead of removing features like this, Roon would’ve added more functionality to share the use of the program with the less responsible family members (read: kids or even guests) in a safe way. The current behaviour is a great let down though, because for a family Roon is getting quite expensive if it can only be used as a one-user-only solution.


You can feel my pain. :broken_heart:


Love many of the new features and new look but the omission of the Tags and Playlists on the individual tracks is a major step backward. Please reinstate this feature which should be an essential part of what Roon is all about, enjoying and controlling your music.


For me, seeing playlists that are related to a certain track/album is key for the way I use Roon. I can see why this has been removed as a default option for 1.8 as some Album tracklists can look a bit messy if the tracks are in multiple playlists. But I would still like to have the option in “settings” to toggle playlist info “on” for when I am browsing through my albums. For example - Sometimes I come across an album and I honestly can’t remember why I have it, then when I open it I can see it is in my “2002 wire magazine recommended list” that functionality has gone in 1.8. @danny Is this something that can be added back in easily?


Exactly! Like existing option “Show composer credits”. We need the same: “show tracks in playlists” and “show tracks in tags”.


I just can’t believe the tags & playlists in the tracks view are gone.
I was recommended to use tags years ago by @danny:

And that is what I do with every track I like.
I expected tags would be extended in crazy ways, but not three years later with this letdown.


Oh yeah, I do!

Also, the fact that the checkboxes are missing from the “add to tag”-modal as you’re pointing out in your screenshot, makes absolutely no sense from a UX perspective and gives me the feeling that the UI overhaul must have been rushed in the end because this obviously makes this whole interaction a bit pointless as there’s no visual feedback to user input.