Roon 1.8 - where can I see tags & playlists for a track? [Solved]

Hi, it took me a bit of playing around to find it, but you can do it as follows:-

  • Go to Side Menu / Tags
  • Go to Tag that the album you are looking for is in
  • On iPad long press to select the album
  • in the Bar that appears at the top ‘…’ and Remove from Tag

Hope this helps!

Thanks, that works.
But I would prefer the option to remove a tag from an album in the album view - feels more natural, especially with a lot of albums with the same tag.


I agree - It’s unnecessary extra steps to have to go thru the menu to remove.


Roon designers and developers are pretty much only Album and Artist users. Playlists have always been a second class citizen. Now tags have dropped off the radar.

More troubling is lack of comment. I’m sure they’re giving it a day or two to aggregate comments but still.


That’s been clear after all those years without almost no improvement in tagging and playlists, but I am a single (in musical terms :slightly_smiling_face:) guy and love 12" & EP’s. The Designers and Developers should listen to the users of their software. If they don’t use this feature or want to see it then make the visibility of tags and playlists in tracks optional.

The Knowlegde Base still says it’s a great way to organize your collection:

Tags are a great way to organize your collection, giving you quick access to just the right music. You can tag almost anything in Roon, and it’s easy to get started.

Roon’s Tags feature was designed to be fast, easy, and endlessly flexible. For example, you can use Tags to:

  • Organize music for a party (by tagging artists or genres)
  • Keep track of music from a certain source (ie, HD Tracks, or Bandcamp)
  • Remember context (ie, Recommended By Brian, or Music From Summer 2000)
  • Keep track of edits (ie, Artists That Need Better Photos)

I presume they forgot to add UP TO AND INCLUDING version 1.7


I added (or added to) two feature requests that may be of interest to people who use Tags and Playlists

Ability to customize home screen - Roon Software / Feature Requests - Roon Labs Community

Playlist Feature Requests (post 1.8) - Roon Software / Feature Requests - Roon Labs Community

Feel free to add to or riff off those posts!

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It’s Unicode symbols. Just search for it in your favourite search engine. But not every Unicode symbol will work because the font that Roon’s UI uses needs to support those Unicodes. When they change the font like they did now, you would want to check your tags again if all those symbols are still being displayed properly.

I love them because they allow me to create something like tag categories and I can quickly tell tags apart from each other. So e.g. if I want to look at all the genres or moods I assigned to a track I can just visually scan its tags for the respective symbols.


+1 for bringing the tags and playlists back to the album view. Also I see “date added” is missing from the album view.

I understand trying to make everything look cleaner, but I reference the data added and tags frequently.


We definitely need this. I have spent hours creating various playlists from the 9,000 albums in my collection. It is a nightmare that the playlist info isn’t displayed by the track name. Also, the tracks in my playlists are no longer numbered. I usually only listen to my playlists with Roon, preferring my vinyl collection when I listen to albums.


I miss the Tag and Playlist info on song level if I open an Album.
I can only add a Tag if I use the 3 dots on the right side in the line of a song.
I can’t even change the tags for a song or invert the tag for an search as possible in Version 1.7


I’m here to join in on expressing my unhappiness with the kneecapping that TAGS got in 1.8.

How I go about tagging my music. NSFW High Fidelity


Just click the down arrow…

In general, I like 1.8. But tagging is how I use Roon, so this is a huge setback.
Crucial for me is to be able to:
1 - Display if/what tag is set on a track
2 - Possibility to remove tags from album and tracks in a less complex way (1.7 style)

Roon: Please revert tag capability so it can be usable again!


Since the 1.8 update I am seeing the following issues with tags:

  • No tags visible under tracks in Album view.
  • In the ‘Add to tag’ view there are no checkboxes next to tags to see which tags have been assigned, and to assign multiple tags or unassign tags.
  • Also there is no section for recently used tags at the top of the tag list in the ‘Add to tag’ view.

I used all of these features daily and they are sorely missed.

Also, on the iPhone, the ‘Added to Tag…’ message that appears for several seconds after adding a tag partially obscures the playback controls.


I concur. I miss all of those features also.


Don’t know if this is a bug or a feature but the old way tags were much easier to handle.


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That may work on your iPad, but no such option appears on mine! :frowning:

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+1 that there needs to be a preference setting for viewing tags and playlist on each track. Also, the ‘Add to Tags’ button should instead just be a ‘Tags’ button that enables tagging and untagging, with a visual indicator for current tags.


OK. I take that back, but you have to be careful not to sort or filter anything after calling up the albums in a tab. That seems to put one in a different view where Remove is not an option.