Roon 1.8 - where can I see tags & playlists for a track? [Solved]

OK. I take that back, but you have to be careful not to sort or filter anything after calling up the albums in a tab. That seems to put one in a different view where Remove is not an option.

Add my voice to those dismayed by the loss of playlist information at the track level. What are the Roon designers thinking???


and where is the list of my favourite track when browsing by artists, what is the point of marking them if I cant get a list, that the old version showed?!?

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@Jakub_Pavel In Artist view: click the three dots and click on Show tracks in library. There you can select the heart symbol…

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I have to admit now: to keep my listening habits Roon 1.8 push me to use excel table to make notes on tracks. Such a shame!


Maybe an idea (given the number of comments here and the impact of omitting this track information) to send a more direct message to the responsible persons like:
@enno @danny Please return this functionality to us, our way of handling our music collection in Roon depends on it! We know you’re not fond of tags and playlists, but many Roon users are!


Thank you for a quick response!

This is a nightmare. I am so glad I have kept the curation of my collection in JRiver where complex smart playlists and tagging are standard. And I am glad too that I didn’t bought dedicated Roon hardware like Nucleus! I think they will develop Roon in the direction of a pure cloud solution where other people say what music is recommended for you or not. Users with own collections, own tastes and own views are out. Brave new world.


Just updated to 1.8 and initial impression is OK. However, I would like to add my voice to the many previous request above to, please, make it possible in some way to bring back the ability to see which tags and playlists a track is allocated too.

If showing them like in 1.7 is considered to cluttered how about adding them to the … Menu?

I should also like to see the tick boxes reinstated in the Add Tag window which made it much easier to add and remove multiple tags.

Like others here I use these facilities every day and their removal is detracting from the Roon listening experience.

I hope this can be resolved ASAP.


Also it is impossible to edit playlists by moving tracks up or down…this is a disaster!


Does anyone know if issues with the tags & playlists are being addressed by Roon or are we just screaming into the void???


I’ll amplify what is said above. Tagging playlists to songs - and seeing each tag per song - is one of the core features for me… and now it seems to be gone or mysteriously hidden in plain sight.


After a big release like this one I assume Roon monitors all feedback for a while and comes with a reaction then. I suggest to give them that time and be patient, although I also miss my tags :wink:


I do wonder if any of the developers and testers were Tag-users? It is such a step backwards I suspect that there weren’t any in the team. I know some users simply do not use tags. If there was anyone in the team who understands how we use tags, which was one of the main reasons I subscribed to Roon, then this 8.1 release would not have gone backwards with tags as it has done.


Let’s just hope the the 8.1 version you are talking about (I know it’s a typo) will not be such a mess like 1.8!!! (and hoping that roon will have a version 8, giving the attitude).

I am more than a bit peeved that Roon has messed with my tags like this! It appears that Roon wants to take more control of curating my music and hobble those options that allow me to do such things. However, I can see no reason why my tagging cannot happily co-exist alongside what Roon’s algorithms have to offer.

It is for exactly this type of scenario that I have not opted for lifetime membership; you are buying into a product that is fluid and may evolve into something that no longer meets your needs.

I really hope that this is just an oversight on Roon’s part and that a useable tagging option gets restored.

Can someone from the Roon Team confirm that tags will be restored, or explain their thinking in removing this capability?


Where have track numbers in playlist gone? There is no way You can sort to see last tracks You added to playlist without sorting by track number. So You add a track and it gets burried somewhere by date album was added to Roon or some other parameter. We need track numbers back! What kind of programers does Roon employ? How can there be so many features missing after update?



With the update to Roon 1.8 I no longer see the tags/playlist information on track level. I can add tags but not delete them.

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I am having the same issue. Don’t know if there is a setting that I am missing??

@danny Hi Roon Team, I strongly believe the community would appreciate a statement from you regarding the Tag and Playlist information and the tag functionality at all as known from Rel 1.7. Comments enough here to understand how important it is for the user community.
Looking forward to hear from you.