Roon 1.8, where did other versions of a song go?

In Roon 1.7 I often used the similar song button (available for own library / tidal library) to find other versions of a song by the same group or others or even to trace back to the first release. (Might have had a different name.)
Did those options go anywhere (where?) or did those options get lost in Roon 1.8?
KR, Edwin

I now see that these markers sometimes appear as small circle with dot. Thought that this info was more frequent.
Example. Joni Mitchel’s “Marcie” on the album Song to a Seagull, there is the mark. Picking it, it shows several songs with the same name by Joni but also by other artists, i.e. Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau. Going to that song the mark does not show thus the way back is not possible. This was a nice way to trace back where the original song came from. Would be nice when this comes back in an update.
I like 1.8 because is fine to explore music. By looking at an album there are many twines to see adjacent music. This is what inspires me in listening.
KR, Edwin