ROON 1.8 wish-list of additional features

I would like to have a history in the search function

Would be nice to have track-by-track dynamic range shown in the album view tracklist.

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I really miss the ABC search function. The Focus search gives way too many matches when you just want to jump and not have to type in the full name. Not too much to ask . . . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not specifically a question for the 1.8 release, I was looking for this for some time now.

Searching in “What’s New” in Qobuz and “New Releases” in Tidal there is a difference.

When I browse in Qobuz I can select (turn off and on) genres in the top right corner. When browsing in Tidal this feature is not available.

Is this on purpose?
If inot I would like to ask you to add selecting genres to the Tidal browser as well.
Quite a welcome feature for me.

Some time in the future I would love a credit editing design that lets me bring up the artist once and add all their roles

Can we have the old ones back first please

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Starting with the incomprehensible removal of the number of available versions of a piece in album view tracklist… At least as an option.

To not browse my library, instead let’s say only 1 label from Tidal or Qobuz, but all the albums listed there. This would be a great opportunity in times where personal libraries get more and more unimportant. Almost everything can be found at streaming services, so why download, backup, pay and administrate?

It would be nice to remove complete albums from playlists and not only tracks.

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I really would like the opportunity to search for labels, albums or even tracks only online. This way we could perfectly adjust what we are searching for.