Roon 1.8 Zone Transfer Clunky and Cumbersome

Hi, I like 1.8 in general but Zone Transfer is really clunky and cumbersome.

Let´s say I have music playing in Zone 1 and move to Zone 2 where I have an iPad with Roon App and want to transfer Zone 1 to 2. I open Roon on the iPad and have to select Zone 1 (since I normally use it in Zone 2), then tap for Transfer, select Zone 2 for transfer and then select Zone 2 as the playing Zone for doing further playing. If I then want to turn of the device in Zone 1, I have to select it again and then select Zone 2 back.

Really, there must be a better way…

Putting the ‘transfer zone’ button with the zones instead of as a right click would go a long way to making it less cumbersome. As it is now I still haven’t trained myself to go immediately to a right click when I want to transfer vs going to the zones selector. Not intuitive at all.

Something to try:

First, make sure your Zone 2 iPad is not set to Private Zone. This is in Zone 2 Device Setup. Set Private Zone at the top to No. Now your Zone 1 app can see Zone 2.


  1. Make sure Roon is open on the iPad.
  2. On the Zone 1 machine, Transfer Zone 1 to 2.

It doesn’t matter which Zone is currently selected on the iPad. However, you will need to change it to Zone 2 eventually to control it.

Hope that helps.

Before, with the double stacked arrows when you clicked on the Zone icon, you could transfer the zone from any Zone, without selecting it first. Further, clicking on the zone icon you also had the power button for each of the zones, so you could turn the zone off, again without selecting it first.