Roon 1b21 24/192 downsampled to 24/96

This is still not fixed since Roon 1b9

Just checked my Devialet connected via USB and ASIO and it’s show 192 on the Devialet.

Never-mind I see in a different thread you are on a MAC.

I found the bug. I restarted Roon and replayed the song and the bitrate is correct now. I believe it was that I had used my Win8.1 Remote to connect to my Core running to private audio output thru AIR. When I return to playing on my Core direct using USB, it will start downsampling 24/192 to 24/96.

How’s the ASIO effect? Are you using JPlay?

I’m not a JPlay guy. ASIO has been working wonderfully for the last hour though!

@hk6230@brian reports that JPlay is working fine with the new ASIO support.