Roon 2.0.7 New Content Sources (aka Wikipedia integration)

Same to me. Sometimes it is just a glimpse, other times up to 2 seconds or so. If I notice the longer ones I’ll post


And it is not a windows thing for me. All Roon Remote clients Android or windows exhibit it.


And macOS and iPad here, as I may have mentioned above, so yeah, seems independent of platform for form factors where the info page is visible as soon as you go to an artist or album

Though as was discussed above, on phones it is hidden behind the INFO tab, so not as noticable (if it does happen)

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At the moment, I’m seeing the “3 bars” for less than a second when opening albums from the Album browser. The delay is slightly longer (about a second) when opening artist pages from the Artist browser.

Performance is improved over what it was a few weeks back.

Here’s a short video:

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This. And it’s on any platform.

I’m also getting misses where a Wikipedia article clearly exists. FEATURE REQUEST: Allow a user to enter the URL of a Wikipedia artist or album page within the applicable metadata editor.

Can you share some examples?

Found it here by @Michael_Kraftman

Some other cases were posted by various people over recent weeks, IIRC some in this thread

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Roon Core Machine

macOS 12.6.2

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

iMac core

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Hi all, before I raise a ticket, is anyone else experiencing a graphics glitch on the album screen where you would see type of file, dynamic range, Tivo description etc? Instead of the text three solid lines of grey appear which disappears after 1-2 seconds (so unable to take screenshot). See screenshot below.

Many thanks!

Like this? All the time. Some times under 1 sec, sometimes 4 secs or so

Yeah the post by Henkemmannen was merged, we clarified it when it was still a separate thread :slight_smile:

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Oups, sorry… but first time I managed to take a screen shot :slight_smile:

It’s hard to notice when a post gets merged, just by the insert below the post, which points to the old thread, like so:

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Yes, also for me, i get the 3 bars everywhere. in albums, and artist pages.
they can last some seconds.
And it doesn’t matter if i re-open the same page after a while, there are the 3 bars (so not caching…)

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You would have to check the Wikipedia edit history of that page. If the page changes, the cache is dirty and it needs to refetch. On some pages I would guess they are changed a lot, others rarely. And I obviously don’t know Roon’s caching strategy, but probably they want to avoid people seeing outdated pages in Roon.

The issue may well be unrelated to caching but you would have to check

No, i mean … if i open the artist or album page after 1 minute, it always takes seconds (with 3 bars). And i don’t think the wikipedia has changes in that time.
Besides, i have the delay (constant) even if there is no wikipedia page.

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I think for me it’s simply very inconsistent and I can’t put my finger on anything reliably. I’m not actually bothered much, but intrigued.

Hi @Geoff_Coupe
i consistently see the 3 bars for … seconds.
Any chance to receive attention about this problem by the @staff or @support ?

If you read the thread you will see that it has already been noted by Roon Labs staff.

I suspect that Roon is now fetching the content (Wikipedia or Tivo) on the fly when you open the Album or Artist page. I see the placeholder bars for less than a second. The performance of your network and Core will be playing a role in this - what’s your delay?

I had one early in the week, that Joel was manually fixing