Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

It might no longer be available to download, but it will be available to use. In other words, if you have it then you can still use it.

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Ok gents, I’ve had to slow-mode this thread again. There’s a growing number of patently untrue statements and misrepresentations being posted here and frankly, it’s gotten well out of hand.

This forum is here to provide information, support, and a pleasant place to talk music, gear, and share stories with our customers. This isn’t your Facebook page, Instagram story, Twitter Account, TikTok account, where you can post whatever nonsense you wish and to hell with those who don’t like it or disagree.

We really shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone. But here we are.

Here are the court rules for this thread moving forward:

Remember - just because you think something doesn’t make it true.

  • Don’t post supposition or conjecture as fact, it will be removed.

  • Do not repost comments that have been moderated or removed. If you do, you will be suspended.

  • Do not make ad hominem attacks on Roon Staff or other customers.

  • If you have to stop and think about whether what you’re about to post about Roon or our products is factual or not, don’t post it.

  • If you have any questions about what appropriate behavior looks like on Community the answers can be found here.

We understand that you’re upset with some of the changes that came with Roon 2.0. But you cannot post false statements, or other figments of your imagination, about Roon Labs, Roon, or ARC as if they are true. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding moving forward. In other words, please stop. Thanks.


Has your investment in Roon failed to deliver yet? Or is this hypothetical what-ifism?

If so, I’m super curious. Please explain where it failed, and how the failure manifested, and what you were forced to do as an alternative. I’d also like to understand what your setup is like when this failure occurred.

These details will also help me understand if your failure would have done something different on 1.8.

You just earned hero status with me.


Maybe I’m just a Neanderthal, but can you point out the insult please?

Had an internet outage at 3am today. Reset ISP’s one box wonder and forgot to set it back to modem mode. No Roon Arc for me today.

As per another thread on here, I had a fallback plan and used Spotify. Could have used Tidals native app but I just don’t like it.

Moderator clarification: The statement below is the product of Larry Magoo’s imagination. It has no factual value.

Hey Hugo…what do you think now that Shuffle is gone with 2.0? They simply would not have gone to the tremendous effort it took to gives us ARC, if it was not for profitable data acquisition…when anyone listens to mobile music, the SQ is not anywhere it is when listening to your main system…so why all that effort when iTunes does the same thing? It does not makes sense otherwise…

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Audirvana may suit your needs.

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Will they stop charging a monthly fee if you choose to stay with 1.8? Not sure why they’d need to, since you won’t be accessing any of the new features or bug fixes.

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Hey @LarryMagoo -

I’m posting this as public notice that your Roon Community access has been suspended for 90 Days for continuing to make false statements about our our products and our intentions. I posted our position on statements like the one you made, just five posts above yours. I’m linking it here, again, for everyone’s reference

In case there’s still some confusion about this, do not post conjecture about Roon Labs and Roon products as though they are facts in this thread or on our forum unless you want your access to Community revoked. Enough is enough.


Personally, my biggest problem is the lack of clarity on what happens when you loose connectivity. You say that 2.0 requires permanent internet connection but then say that some things might work and others not. And the number of things that will work or not depends on how long the outage lasts.
On the other hand it seems to me that this change is driven by the fear that having ARC clients lingering around without a 100% online core could result in license sharing?.
Lets talk about fairness (For both roon and its users). roon was marketed as a way to use your local digital files with the ability to need license check once every 30 days or so. That is being removed now. So trying to bridge the architectural, licensing and user needs I think It will be fair that:

  1. You can use your local files without internet connection. Search will not work. But you can browse by artist, album and composer. And of course, playback will work and so will DSP and all features that are local to the core.
  2. I think it will be fair if you limit the number of ARC clients (I am not sure if this is currently done or not). Lets say that 5 clients will be fair, but depending in the rest of the options I could be convinced that 3 licenses is fair.
  3. You can purchase additional ARC licenses if you want (lets say USD $20 a year for each additional license).
  4. ARC can go offline for 7 days (yes, there are travel destinations with poor connectivity, including cruises, cabin in the mountains, etc). I could even be convinced that you can have 1 arc client with 7 days offline access and the rest with only 2 days although at this point the licensing becomes complex.

best regards

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It would make sense to run search in the cloud if all you’re searching for is things that exist in your db. But what happens with content that either does not exist in streaming services or worse that was never published. I have some of that content in my local files - all very carefully tagged in the files’s metadata. Will those tracks not show?

they will, but poorly based only on keyword matching.

Hero x2! Carry on!

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1.8 Legacy still uses Roon’s search for metadata and scours the internet to serve text, images and lyrics, artist links etc. Despite lacking some of the features of 2.0 it is using the company’s resources.

Not just server resources, there’s presumably licensing to other metadata services, AllMusic’s not free

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Hey Gustavo - Could you point to me where Roon was marketed requiring a license check every 30 days or so? I poked around and can’t seem to find that other then in some topics on this forum which I wouldn’t consider marketing. I’m not able to find this information on the broader internet where I would expect to find marketing information.


we didn’t market it… it’s only been said in topics.


This is already being discussed on this thread

You can also vote on Feature Suggestion on this thread Make roon play local music files w/o internet access

Best Regards.

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That makes me feel better. I was getting worried about my search skills.

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