Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

It (Adobe app) will go on in a kind of limb mode. For example in Lightroom you cannot edit anymore, but are still allowed to do export etc.

But this would not work on the case of no Internet since the core A need to be deauthorized and you need to login to the core B but you would need Internet to do all that. It’s a chicken and egg dillema again.

Yes, we’ve covered that. @Jim_F’s solution is to use a cellular hotspot to do the switch.

Not and ideal solution for everyone - I use an Intel NUC with ROCK, no wifi enabled.

That is going to byte someone when they least expect it. Whether the grace period is zero days or 30 days, it’s there, so if it’s really critical, you need a backup plan.

Personally I never have found it an issue, it means that until now I always have been back on the net within 30 days.

The point is that Adobe did not decide to bring operations to the cloud, despite how tempting that might be.
IMHO the “engineering maffia” inside Roonlabs could learn something from that.

Yep, it ain’t happening. This subject can be filed away with the Folder Browsing request.

It’s apparent from Danny’s comments that this just isn’t in line with Roon’s plans. :frowning:

And Danny is the owner of the company???

Indeed. I’ll post this, but we must accept the fact that it isn’t going to change.

The architecture of Roon has been holding back the product in various ways for a while. We’ve used this release as an opportunity to begin fixing that, so that Roon can have a future.

Our users are increasingly expecting things from us that can only be delivered with the help of cloud services, large scale databases, machine learning, etc. We read and understand what you guys are (collectively) asking for, and it’s not possible for us to get there with the current architecture.

The products that our users compare us to constantly are often accomplishing what they do without the limitations of having to run inside of the user’s home, on a computer with unpredictable performance.

One example is search. Roon’s search engine gets a lot of complaints that can be basically summed up as “it’s not as smart as X” where X is a service with a cloud-based search engine. Doing search well in the cloud is relatively straightforward. Reinventing decades of search technology from scratch in a way that lets us shoehorn it into a user’s machine–which may already be right on the edge in terms of resource consumption–is not a practical endeavor.

The same goes for many other aspects of the product. Roon does not have a modern playlist product or reasonable sharing features because of the way our architecture is.We also receive tons of feedback complaining about how heavy the core software is, how much compute power it requires, power consumption, resource requirements, etc.

People don’t like that we have a large stateful database that requires backups because the norm today with most products is for a cloud service to manage data integrity for you.We cannot begin to chip away at these problems and modernize the product if we are stuck in the old way of doing things, so we made a change.

If that doesn’t work for you or you don’t agree with our decision, feel free to use Roon 1.8 Legacy. In seven plus years we have never accommodated downgrades, but we did a bunch of work to make it practical and safe it this time because we know that some people won’t be able to live with this change


I realize not everyone will have this option since it depends on your hardware, but I’m currently playing 48 kHz 24 bits over Bluetooth from my Android phone using Roon ARC (downloaded album) to my Naim Atom. ARC is doing some conversions, but it shows as a high quality signal path.

When I look at the Bluetooth setting for the Atom on my phone, it shows a toggle for HD audio: Qualcomm aptX HD audio - which I have turned on. The screen of the Atom also indicates Qualcomm aptX HD is in use.

Looking at the specs for aptX HD, it supports 24 bit up to 48kHZ.
(Your hardware will need to support this.)
[Edit: After further investigation it appears some compression is used, even at 24 bit 48kHZ.]

Just sharing in case this helps a few people play their local files when internet is out, and the quality is sufficient.

Conceptually, I agree Roon 2.0 should allow local playback without internet. However, practically it doesn’t matter much to me since if I don’t have internet, I likely don’t have power as well. In the cases I do lose only internet, downloaded tracks/albums to ARC and Bluetooth Qualcomm aptX HD will get me by.

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Isn’t this what I would call “engineering maffia” talk?

Roonlabs can be in denial or not, until 2.0 they had the hidden but extremely welcome “undocumented” feature that offline music could still be played during reasonably short internet dropouts. No internet, get a book and retreat in the listening room. Do they think only idiots want to do that???i


Thanks. Where is this from please?

Yes, 1/3 I think.

@danny Not really aligned to the ‘lifetime’ license i purchased. This being a significant element of the main use case of a local file based software application. E.g. at home usage indepenent of internet connectivity.

How am i supposed to demo systems at shows now or use my core at work where i can’t put it on the local network?

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30 days with no internet check-in, and more if you have extenuating circumstances or ask in advance.

Now I notice there is no Shuffle command where that command always used to be. Could it be that all the internet connection crap could not identify specific albums if the play order is/was shuffled?

I wish I had been told about the new internet requirement, I would never upgraded to ARC…

You should downgrade to Roon 1.8 Legacy in that case.

Perhaps just a natural response. Just a analogy, Isn’t Roon his baby, and then some of the Roon Family are telling him how ugly it is…

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Jim, thanks for the idea…I’m not sure of the steps to pull that off…I do have a external 1Gig SSD that I always back up to at years end…so my last B/U was Dec ‘21……Could you point me in the right direction?

I’ll look for the instructions for going to Roon 1.8 Legacy, but in the mean time, I suggest you do a backup now. I don’t think you want to lose any thing you have done since 12/31/21. If necessary, you can restore your Roon data backup from one version of Roon to another. That doesn’t matter.

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