Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

My dCS app lets me stream local files without a connection to the internet - don’t see why Roon can’t! Oh, wait – it used to!

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yuk yuk yuk

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Room 2.0 and internet connectivity

The internet is a service, a commodity, a piece of the hifi systems we have.

What ever it is to you, like all things, the internet can break. Our view on a product that relies on something to function needs to change with the times.

A car needs fuel. What’s the point of a car if the local petrol station runs out of petrol for the day. You can walk, cycle or catch a bus.

I mean there are alternatives for the short time we may lose the internet.

It isn’t Roon’s fault of some of us live in areas of the world with poor internet infrastructure and have regular failures. Maybe those with spotty internet need to look for a standby solution instead of hitting out at Roon.

If a stream at the bottom of my garden sometimes ran dry during the year, I would rely on it as my only source of water. I’d get connect to mains water.

If my internet fails, thankfull rarely and I am lucky. I would find alternative things to do.

Music is a passion for me, part of my daily life. Has been since a young age and will be for a long time to come.

Let’s ease off a little please. Thanks

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Ah, fair enough -

No, the above is nonsense. You have options. Should Internet access not be available, the “resort” would be to use a different music player that does not require network access. Precisely as you say that you have the option of washing your clothes by hand if the electricity is off.

But you seemingly refuse to acknowledge that Roon always has been subscription based software with significant Internet dependencies. You want Roon to be something that it never was and probably never will be.



Roon is changing. They can. It’s their product. We have Legacy 1.8 to fall on if we want offline.

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In which case I wouldn’t need Roon in the first place — I got the Roon because it’s able to drive my high-end audio system and streaming hardware. There is absolutely no legitimate reason that it shouldn’t be able to keep doing that.

Not everybody wants to be able to just switch around to other stuff on the fly.

OK - I give up - it feels to me that all the responses supporting the change are coming from “fanboy” perspective rather than recognizing what many customers actually want and paid for.

What if Tidal or Qobuz went down!!!

What part of “I have many hundreds of albums stored locally on my NAS drive inside my LAN” is unclear?


I pay for a service that gets me more from something else and recognise if something breaks that there are alternatives.

I’m an engineer and it might be easier for me to accept that things can break rendering things useless.

I’m a fanboy, yes, Roon is perfect for my needs.

So you could listen to music via other means temporarily

Yes it might — I’m a computer scientist and can also deal with change — but my family members and most of my friends to whom I recommend solutions are not!!

They reasonably expect stuff to just work!

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As I just mentioned, I could – but my family members will not be able to do that — and that’s relevant in my life! I’m not just thinking about me!

I have a feeling many users who are upset by this change used to be fanboys themselves. I’m not a fanboy; as a matter of fact, my subscription is not going to renew for entirely different reasons. I have no strong opinion on this, I just know that the future is in the cloud, whether you like it or not.

Regarding payment, if you got lifetime, you’re not paying anymore.

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I can only say that if 100% reliability and if full redundancy is needed, for music playback in this case I wouldn’t recommend Roon.

Why do you use Roon? Why are you still using Roon if you don’t agree with their current direction?

Really? Ignoring for a moment that I expected “lifetime” and my investment to mean more than 8 months, I have no ability to express my dissatisfaction by cancelling my subscription. If lots of people did that, maybe things would change.

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Not sure of your area of expertise. Could you create your own platform/software/service to suit your needs and many others?

This thread is getting a little heated. Back and forth point scoring is not helpful.

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That’s exactly why I’m not a fan of lifetime. For one, nothing is really lifetime. Then, you don’t have a voice anymore. I don’t remember how many times I said that.