Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

I’d echo this, and remind it’s not just about a bad ISP internet day (thought hat happens with uncomfortable frequency).

I also have a place that, by design, doesn’t have internet connectivity, and good luck with a cell hotspot, but I do have a nice hifi setup. I spend a week or two there every month or two, mostly to get away, unplug, and write. Until now, I can grab the NUC and hit the road.

I’ve loaded Legacy on the NUC, but for obvious reasons hashed out here, that’s not a long term answer. It will hold me until I have a suitable replacement. Demoing Innuos Zen right now.

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In this situation, use Roon 2.0 in your primary home + ARC with downloaded content.

No version of Roon (1 or 2) will work in “a vacation home which is offline by design”. It never has and never will.

Now you can download some content on your phone and be done for the week or two you are there. I understand this is different that what you used to do, but “grab the NUC and hit the road” for a week or two is a use case that we no longer support. If this use case is important to you, you will have to make a decision to make: continue with the future of Roon development or stay with 1.8 Legacy.

I guess you could also get a new license at your home with internet and run 2.0 and use your old license at your internet-less home with 1.8 Legacy.

Left the existing fanless Cirrus7 i7 NUC which runs ROCK, at right the new fanless Celeron NUC that I ordered from Cirrus7 two weeks ago. The Celeron has enough power to run Daphile, and all my local music files are installed on the internal 1TB SSD.

Is Roon superior to Daphile? Yes it is.
Can Daphile be superior to Roon? Yes, when the internet is down or the Roon server(s) are out. Just happened last Saterday for most of the afternoon. As long as there is power, the Daphile NUC will play my local files. Super.

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Not „allowing“ people to listen to their owned music when offline is just an audacity towards any music lover.

And I am really shocked you can’t or won’t see that. Unbelievable.

Staying on an unsupported stagnant version with all the problem that can be anticipated is allowed. How very generous. Unbelievable.

The suggestion to download terrabytes if library to one‘s phone is even better.


Prior to 2.0, it worked fine for a couple weeks.

I’ve got over $15K in stereo equipment, don’t really want to use 200gb of low-res off my phone to feed a limited set of tunes for two weeks.

Sure, I could buy a second ‘legacy’ license but again, not a long term answer (support will end sooner than 2.0, let alone the ‘lifetime’ I invested in) and don’t like the direction this is going or the approach, so voting with my feet/dollars.

Unfortunately not a product that meets my use case (high end UX and SQ to go with my thousands of tracks for my in-house high end system) anymore.

Thanks though.


Dude, it’s a piece of software, no one is not allowing you to listen to your owned music, you just can’t do it without an internet connection.

As a new subscriber I have still got other systems in place to play my local files and I will keep them in place for whenever my internet is out, but for when it is online I will use this outstanding software that out performs anything I have used before.


What’s more, it impelled me to re-rip all my CDs and properly tag them, so that I’ve now got a lossless library in the digital world. Even if the player stops working, I’ve still got that.


Anyone who plans to not use Roon anymore and has a lifetime subscription, if allowed by Roon, I’d happily buy it off you for a discounted price. After all it’s a used product now.

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lifetimes are not transferrable. you’ll get it shut down.


I guessed as much. Think I’ve read that elsewhere also. Cheers @danny

That would not be pragmatic nor minimalist.

It’s absolutely pragmatic.

Ok I Will restate. That might/might not be pragmatic (depending on one’s circumstances). But, it will definitely not be minimalist.

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Maybe that’s why I only have 42 tracks of music files, no LP’s, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s, or DVD’s.

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Hahaha I take it as a joke or humor :blush:

You may not like the changes in Roon 2.0 but you still have plenty of choices, Roon are not forcing you to do anything.

Yeah, that strategy may still be applicable but the final release product would be fatally crippled.

Since 2.0/cloud-required is supposedly due to search being moved out of local cores, then if they make a final release the removes dependencies on backend services, then the final release would not have any search functionality.

It should be acknowledged by roonlabs (and users who are unconcerned about the issue in this thread) that home networks get separated from wans for reasons besides ISP or utility company problems. Your cable box/gateway/modem breaks down. Your router attached to it breaks down or gets bricked by a failed firmware update. Your outside or inside wiring (coax/telco) gets cut. Some pest chews through the jacket on a critical ethernet cable. If you’re rural, you might have one or more legs of radio connections on or between properties that are notoriously unreliable.

None of these things would prevent your lan from functioning, that is, prevent your core from sending audio to your endpoint(s). But roon core 2.0 couldn’t call home, so it’ll turn off the audio spigot.


And power grids go down, wives demand attendance at second cousins weddings, kids need delivering to school, lawns need to be cut, yards need tidying…………………these are just a few of things that also prevent me from listening to music in my favourite chair/room/turret, but I put up with them.

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How is that a contribution to the topic… Roon has always ALSO been a network server software. I never said, that Roon 2.0 and the added value is worthless.

I said, taking the user’s ability to listen to his own files offline via this very expensive software that he bought, is a taboo that should not be broken IMHO. Yes, it was never officially supported, but it worked.

No matter what @danny said here, it worked offline in my vacation home. At least for the 2 weeks or so I spend there regularly. Not as swiftly as it works at home when online, but it worked sufficiently well to listen to my local music.

So back to Windows Media Player after having bought a software like Roon?

Where exactly is the real choice here? Buying another software because Roon does no longer seem to care about the afficionados who made them what they are today? Maybe you dont remember, but this was about your physically owned and ripped music and about high quality metadata-references. The best software in the market, which has this kind of legacy, should not make me buy inferior products or make me set up my CD player again like we are in the stone age, when I want to listen offline.

Or do you think it is a real and valuable proposition to download terrabytes of music library to my smartphone for offline use? Yeah, that is what I bought an expensive stereo and a bitperfect streaming software for… sarcasm off