Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

I’ve been hoping he’d address this…

A valiant attempt at calming or closing this topic down. I’ve found the whole episode (thread) frustrating and it’s going nowhere (slowly).
Now that we know the situation there’s the problem facing those who just won’t accept the current status of Roon 2.0 (or 1.8)……enough I’m muting the topic and gonna listen to some music with or without an internet connection.

PEACE :pray:t4:


I just watched Darko’s video and yes he does address it in a fairly elegant way but… I’m sure this has been asked but here it goes. Why not have the development team add a “feature” that simply gives access to the local audio files in a “sandbox”. No artist bios, no like artists no fancy calls to multiple servers to request information about the audio tea data etc. Simple playing of the files at their bitrate. I know that would be sufficient for me. * I am not a dev only a network engineer so I have no idea who difficult this would be.


I am hoping that Roon will create a simple version for local playback only without internet access more than once every 30 days. It won’t help me, but it will help those of you with large local library and sketchy internet access.

I would give it free to Roon lifetime subscribers and those with paid, active annual license. For others and new customers, I would charge $120 for lifetime, same as Audirvana Origin.

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That basic interface already exists. It is called foobar2000.

I do not think that the Roon developers are interested in replicating it.



I may be missing something here. Does foobar2000 do RAAT, manage multiple endpoints from a multitude of brands running concurrent separate streams with DSP, handle file formats from mp3 to DSD? Not sure it does.


So if I understand this correctly EVERY manufacturer who produces a device marked “Roon Ready” is now going to need to update their manuals and marketing materials to state that their Roon capable device will “only work with an active internet connection” or otherwise they would be selling their devices under false pretences.

Please explain why this would not be correct?

Roon ready doesn’t mean Roon only.

They are still Roon Ready. Nothing about that has changed.

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Even if Roon isn’t ready…

read the whole thread … dont want to sound harsh but:

when a $hitload of your loyal customers , and here we can even say of your loyal fanbase, is really pi$$ed with a new limitation you have to address it , not give a flimsy technical explanation … period.

it’s technicaly very easy to keep access to a light version that only allows playback without providing all the metadata magic … what you’re doing here is taking your fanbase as hostages … not a clever move on the business side and on the community side …

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Just to add a little more fuel to this fire, how long does anyone expect Roon to actively develop 2 branches of their software? Id give it a few months to a year tops before they cry about it being too much effort and everyone is forced onto 2.0 anyway.

Making 2.0 work without internet is surely less effort than maintaining two separate versions of Roon.

Just a terribly dumb decision on their part in every way.

Lol can only post here once per hour. Clearly folks are very happy with this change :rofl::rofl:

About a hundred out of a few hundred thousand, and many of those have upgraded to Roon 2.0 and ARC, and even sending me comments about how great it is.

We’ve done that… 1.8 legacy is exactly that.

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You don’t know that. Do you own or work for Roon and have access to all of their business and decision making information?

Roon have said they will support Roon 1.8 Legacy until 12/31/2022.

First, irrelevant. I don’t see why that matters or diminishes my feedback at all. Don’t simp.

Second, so I’m correct. Less than a year. That’s hardly legacy support. That’s just allowing for downgrading in a very limited way and implies no bug fixes past the next 2 and a half months. That’s not legacy support. Legacy support is my Ubuntu 16.xx server that will run perfectly patched and unbroken by upstream changes for 10 years.

Now I’m speculating wildly, but say next year or the year after roon changes how the Metadata is delivered in a way that makes their backend incompatible with version 1.8, will that be back ported to 1.8 with an update? Probably not. Will roon continue to serve the old api as well as the new? Maybe for a short period, or perhaps not.

Why invite all these headaches down the road? Why create opposition and division among the user base? Surely it would just be easier, better, and correct for Roon to devote some development hours to making sure their product works offline. Otherwise, why am I running their core on my hardware with my electricity, etc. What differentiates roon core from a cloud service? Surely the ability to continue to work offline is a major advantage to their server approach. It just such a dumb giveaway on their part.

If the product works, then there’s no reason for any of this discussion, so why not make it work?

The decision to not put the effort into mitigating a scenario where their products breaks is lazy and poor design.

Roon did the same thing with 1.7 when 1.8 came out. I don’t know how many people are still using it, but I think Roons assumption is that people will eventually stop talking about it and move to 2.0 in a repeat of what they must think was their last successful major change. This is way bigger than a UI change tho, this is core functionality that’s been removed.


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I was thinking about this as well. For the moment our disaster recovery plan is going to be a turntable.


I was one @danny and after this I am happy. Thank you for clarifying. Upgrading :wink:

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I have THREE Roon subscriptions and this morning I cant access any of them because road construction workers nearby sliced into my network providers cables. They are saying a minimum of 24hrs wait time for repairs. So im stuck with an inaccesible 10tb’s of my music library. This SUCKS big time.


That is why i have 2 Internet providers, one via cable, one via copper and if both are out I still have a 4G mobile WiFi router to help me out.

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