Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

Not all Roon user logs on to the forum.
Also due to Roon’s lack of communication.
Not many people know that their local file access will be affected.

If you had a button that says.
“Are your sure you want to upgrade to Roon 2.0? You will require internet access at all times even for local files access”

I am sure most would not have pressed Yes that easily.


Well, the feature request make roon play local music files w-o internet access has more votes than Roon mobile, so at what point does Roon start to listen? You’ve said 1.8 legacy is only temporary.


Like someone said in another thread, it should not be called a Feature Request. It is a basic requirement/functionality that is now crippled. A music player that won’t play music.


Tried to slog through all 900 posts, and i’m exhausted.

I’m lucky that my internet connection is pretty stable, so I haven’t joined the chorus of boos.

If my internet is down, I could listen to CDs or records, or I could have my Mac Mini Roon Core connect to my phone’s hotspot temporarily. (Or I could just stream Tidal/Qobuz or Radio Paradise via cellular on the phone directly.)

The other option for those rare occasions that the internet is down (and the user has local files), a person could use Audirvana to connect to their server.

We get outraged by so much these days.

I almost forgot, there’s another fairly reliable tech, it’s called “The Radio”. Long live KMHD!

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Let me describe my use case.
My music library is 50% local files, 50% tidal tracks.
Internet outages are not uncommon in the location I live. It is because of this I always purchase my favorite albums in offline format (files) even if they are available online (streaming). For me streaming is a great way to discover new music, but if I find something that I fall in love with I pay extra money to own that content.

At the moment the solution that works fine for me is 1.8 legacy. Thank you for keeping it alive. But thinking about future I would like you to answer the following questions:

  1. Will 1.8 be available for unlimited period of time for re-installation (for example, will I be able to reinstall 1.8 on the new hardware if my existing NUC server fails)?

  2. If streaming services change their integration requirements (formats, protocols, etc.) will those changes be adopted in 1.8 legacy?

Another lifetimer


Darko criticizes and defends Roon’s internet decision starting at 9:42.


And was fairly balanced in his opinions I think

roon 2.0 is amazing … i love it. … but that doesn’t change the point… we should be abble to play an album without internet and without sticking with an old version.


Perfect for listening offline. Can even be connected to the same DAC as your Roon Ready streamer.

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A thought comes to mind, my Roon ROCK core has an SSD with my main content. This is visible on my network so rather than get into dual maintenance , I sync my legacy system (JRiver) with the ROCK SSD

My question is will this be available should my internet fail , what parts of Roon depend on the internet

I understand the cloud computational stuff , but should I be maintaining a local HDD copy of my files to feed my legacy system ?

Your Roon OS will keep running and your SMB share will be available to other “consumers”.
You could basically run Roon OS as a NAS software, with Roon Server turned off…
Albeit with very limited configuration options…

I certainly would, as a hedge against unexpected events.

Over in a thread which I now see is “hidden”, I’ve been speculating about possible futures in a cloud-centric world. For instance, what if local files come to be regarded as being as obsolete as turntables and tape decks? Would Entrypoints grow to encompass connections to SMB shares of FLAC content?

7 posts were split to a new topic: Will local files come to be regarded as being as obsolete as turntables?

I thought he did a really good job!


Well I get what Darko is trying to convey - and the core argument it’s about the ongoing development of Roon which is definitely a necessity.
And still, even a limitation of functionality like no fancy search functionality causing the need of cloud computing and other stuff would be ok for users - but just the very essential functionality of browsing your local library and playing files (also without internet connection) is a basic requirement.


The music setup in my place is pretty dependant on RAAT streaming - so while I could repatch some things in a ‘no internet’ emergency - it’s quite involved - and I’d still loose music in most of my rooms.

What I’d like to see is the same as what happens in most cars when the air sensors etc fail - and the car switches into Limp Home mode. You lose most of what makes the car special - but you can at least drive it home (and to the dealer to get it fixed).

I the last 10 years I have had a few days when someone repatching cables in the area knocked out my internet for a day at a time. So it’s certainly not a regular thing - but I’d certainly like a security blanket if Roon can give me one.


works only if your DAC system accepts USB input, I ain’t upgrade my high end hifi setup for the sake of a roon upgrade induced regression

I don’t think I’ve seen a DAC in a while that doesn’t have USB input. @franck_boissiere what DAC are you using?

Several high end and expensive DACs don’t have USB input. Even if there was USB input, that did not mean that would be the one chosen for maximum sonic properties.

My DAC has USB, AES, SPDIF and BNC input. Yet I don’t use its USB input even though it supports higher sampling rate via USB. I prefer the sound of my DAC via its AES than its USB input even if it means accepting the maximum sampling rate to 192kHz and DSD64.