Roon 2.0 and internet connectivity

You are correct new DACs have a USB input, however not all installed base have.

For ex in my case I have in one setup a Naim Supernait which has no USB in, and in another an Emerson Analog as streamer connected to Naim Nait2, none of which have USB in.

But overall, the main issue is that because of a software change the owner should not have to upgrade all its Hi-Fi hardware (this is what I refered to somewhere else as the tail wagging the dog). I find already hard to swallow the need to upgrade the HW running the Roon core to comply with new requirements following a sofware upgrade.

All this smells like planned obsolescence :crazy_face:


This morning I booted my NUC Core and the laptop on which I play my audio. My internet connection was down, but Roon showed up normally. I browsed to ‘Albums’, which showed up nicely, and then inverted my ‘not played’ focus filter to ‘played’. While a lot of albums did show up, a dozen or so only had titles and greyed out covers. After a few seconds, Roon said it could not find my Core and then showed ‘Uh oh, something’s not right’. So no more Roon.

Is this the expected behaviour? Might it have something to do with Roon looking for the covers online, failing and dropping the connection entirely?

My internet luckily came back up after a minute, after which Roon started working again, so no biggie. I’d just like to be sure what actions will allow me to play music when the intetnet is down, and which actions will break Roon :slight_smile:

Roon 2.0 requires an internet connection 24/7 in order to work. As said many times in this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would appear that this is unpredictable and probably depends upon one’s configuration.

Very unpredictable.


I have to ask, what is the point of ROON if I can’t play music without internet. I bought this product to give my local digital collection of music a beautiful home. NOT to have it restricted by those enhancements. Now with this internet requirement you’ve negated the core feature you sold me on in the first place.

If I can’t play a file I own, on a machine I built, running in my own home network I set up, I don’t want to use roon.


I would also like to share my thoughts and feedback on this topic, mainly to Roon. I’m a lifetime subscriber and bought Roon a few years ago as a great place to store and make my music available in it’s native quality to the various devices I have at home and people I live with. I love that I could build a silent and low power Rock system connect that to my hifi amp, have the best sound quality and control all of this directly from the Roon app on my laptop, tablet or phone. I do also like the idea that I could now access this music remotely and store a cache on my phone simply as this means I no longer need to maintain the second library which is a subset of what I have in Roon. However, I would 100% not have bought Roon if it did not allow me to play my local music without a constantly active internet connection. If there are technical reasons that you (Roon) wish to offload new functionality to a cloud based service, fine, provide an enhanced experience when online but don’t prevent basic use when offline. I do wonder, if a single google search uses the equivalent of 1 hour powering a lightbulb (perhaps that’s an internet myth), what activity Roon will be performing on my behalf around me playing my local music? I do not wish to be constantly triggering external resources to be used. I guess I took a level of risk signing up for a lifetime software license but the thought I would not be able to continue using the most basic functionality if my internet connection goes down absolutely did not occur to me. I have a reliable internet connection but it is going to be unavailable at some points due to failures or perhaps when I switch to another provider etc. How am I going to be feeling about Roon during this period and I wish to listen to my music? there are times when I just want to sit back and listen to my hifi. I’ll perhaps not be getting rid of that duplicate music library I have to fill my phone. Please rethink.


That’s exactly what we all fear about - just a minute of internet interruption will now stop using Roon - with such a misleading error message “Uh oh, something’s not right”. To me this brings me back to my CDs. It’s a shame - Dear Roon-Team, please rethink urgently. Best Regards Sven (lifetime user)


I’m having the worst of both worlds right now…

I live in Manhattan. My internet connection is most always pretty robust with 350mbit down/22mbit up. For the last day or so down speed has been on and off, from full speed to 5mbps.

This makes Roon, which seems to be continually polling the servers, extremely jerky. I would rather it not work at all in which case I would switch to MinimServer.

@danny - you guys really need to figure this out.


If Roon only needs a connection to “phone home”, I think 5mbps should be enough.

And there you are again! It should be good enough, but it is NOT! I thought you were smarter than that.

Take it easy. I’m only speculating; Roon should clarify.

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You’re assuming all sorts of things. I see artwork slowly being refreshed - Roon’s requirement to be connected to the internet is not about validating your sub.


I wonder if along with bandwidth dropping you also had a lot of packet loss. How did you measure your WAN speed?

I experienced slow art and search response the other day, I wish I had checked my WAN speed and packet loss at the time, but I was busy. By the time I got back to do some music selection everything was back to normal.

This happened just once since 2.0 including the beta period weeks before general availability.

Has your bandwidth issue been resolved?

Measured with Prob lots of packet loss I imagine as well.

The speed issue got mostly resolved. I know it was on the ISP side because there was a banner on their website (once you logged into your account) about intermittent issues (this is Spectrum in Manhattan).

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Hi Guys,

I need to have a little rant…

I got a line fault on my DSL and no internet, oh well I guess I’ll just kick back and listen to some old favourite albums, good job I have a local collection - WRONG, GUESS AGAIN!

Very disappointed to discover that Roon 2 mandates an active internet connection. No internet, no access, even to my own local music collection.

I don’t use ARC to listen to music remotely, I would like to be able to listen to music locally regardless of whether there is an active internet connection or not. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Just an anecdote,

I visited my local hifi shop yesterday and when Roon came up, I told them about the decisions they had made in version 2.0. You should have seen the look on their faces. They were so confused how this could be true.


Whilst I think Roon ARC is a wonderful feature, the idea that I now need to be connected to the internet to use Roon at home is ridiculous - I can’t actually listen to my music now until the internet is back up and running.

If I need constant internet connectivity, I may as well just use Tidal, in fact, Tidal allows me to listen to music offline if I’ve downloaded it, so Tidal delivers if my internet is down, whereas Roon doesn’t - that seems completely wrong.

This now goes up to the top of my ‘most wanted features’ list for Roon, forget apple car play, I want offline functionality, it’s ridiculous that it’s been removed. I don’t care about the reasons, find another solution.


So does ARC.

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You’re missing the point Danny, we’ve bought into and invested heavily into Roon as people that own collections of music and own HIFI. Do you think that now limiting your customers’ ability to listen to their music unless connected, is a positive move?