Roon 2.0 and Linux (Wine) .. is 32bit needed? [answer: no, wine supports 64bit]

Okay, this may be relevant. I’ve started tweaking some settings, and changing Synchronization to Fsync, whilst not reducing CPU load, has reduced fan noise significantly.

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I had to use sys-wine on Mint.
Roon wouldn’t open in soda.

I have had success making roon more stable by using wine-ge runner on fedora silverblue so if your having trouble try that.

Please elaborate, thanks. Stability on Linux isn’t usually an issue as far as I’m aware. Rather, CPU usage (typically a single core) is pegged at 75-100%.

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atm even trying to install it is hit or miss.
upgrades are allways a thing which can break your roon setup …

Thats not stable in my books

That never happened to me in two years running Roon GUI under Ubuntu with Wine. I just clicked update when Roon asked me to and never any issues. Though yeah for the initial install some Linux knowledge helps and it could be easier (but it’s simply not a supported platform and one has to accept that).

The only issue was the CPU load starting with build 903 that Martin mentioned and which is the topic in a dedicated thread

also my audio does not even play … linux bridge does not detect devices at all and bottle installation shows devices but does not give sound.

so i guess i would have to switch to ubuntu?
but manjaro / arch does not work for me - but maybe because it does not use legacy pulseaudio?

I prefer to run Roon Bridge anyway, since I’ll close Roon when playing music.

I’ve not had any issues running on Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, and 22.10.

Incidentally, .NET 4.8 is necessary now.

This worked perfectly! Thanks.

so i switched to a completely new setup with am5 etc.
All new system.
Followed the mentioned instructions on how to set up bottles and again no audio devices what so ever :frowning:

i dont get it :frowning:

the bridge is on the same system as bottles - installed from AUR just to check.
Still using latest Manjaro with pipewire :frowning:

I want to note that Roon through Wine in Linux Mint began to work fully functional again without any shamanism. Roon and Linux Mint are the latest versions, Wine is the latest version of the developers. :sweat_smile:

Yes, it runs, but high CPU is still an issue for laptop users… at least for those on Wayland.

on Xorg as well, there was no difference for me and others who were affected and tried