Roon 2.0 and Linux (Wine)

Great work @Matt_Armstrong, I have been trying for ages to get Roon to work. I have tried the ropieee script and bottles previously and had basically given up. However I downloaded Fedora 37 last night and did a search and came across your post. I did get a ‘raat’ error when starting roon so I was not optimisitc but it still started up and I was able to create the short-cut. Top-man! Thanks for posting the instructions.

So Im totally confused as usual. Im trying to install remote on fedora 37 machine. Ive followed the instructions forthe roon on wine github page and also changed the wine cfg to win 10. I have th Roon icon now first time in days. Evdryother time got message roon 2.0 not compatible etc. Can anyone point me in right direction. I have Roon server on this machine but just wanted a cremote only for odd chance needing it. TY in advance

I’m not using the script but seem to remember that when this came up last time after Roon 2.0 the issue was that the script used winetricks to configure a 32 bit Wine and used the 32 bit Roon installer, but Roon 2.0 is only available as a 64 bit installer. I don’t know if the script was updated though. In any case you just have to change this with winetricks (search should bring it up) either within the script or manually with winetricks.

I installed manually without the script, using a separate wineprefix for Roon, configured as Win 10, 64 bit, .NET 4.5.2 installed with winetricks. Works just fine for me with Roon 2.0 (except for the pesky known high CPU issue).

Else, there are other ways to install 2.0 in Wine, e.g., using Bottles. Detailed instructions further up in this thread

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I followed these instruction, TY by the way i got further than I have yet however on instruction 8 I dont see where i pick add desktop entry and also before that I ran the program in bottles as said t do in #7 and I got an error from roon. any idea?