Roon 2.0 and Roon ARC - Well Done!

Just wanted to say that I just updated my NUC i7 running ROCK to 2.0 and my endpoints and all seems to be working well. I also installed ROON ARC on my iPhone SE (3rd Gen, 2022) and other than having a small glitch where it would not play anything (even when on the local network) but which was solved by restarting the phone (I’m sure this is in the FAQ), ARC also seems to be working as advertised for me.

I needed to manually set up my port forwarding as I have a relatively complex network with a router running pfSense with uPnP turned off. This was as expected.

I’ve just gone out for a walk and started playing music while in the house which continued without any interruption while switching to a mobile network. Similarly, while out I selected something to play and returned home. Having said that, I probably won’t use this feature much as I mostly listen to podcasts while out. If I was still working and travelling more then I would probably make more use of it (although at my former place of work the firewall would have blocked the access).

As I normally VPN into and through my network when out and about, I would share some of the concerns and queries of others about supporting access over VPN.

Anyway, well done to the team!



Thanks very much Roon team.

Nucleus+ running like a dream with Roon 2.0 and very easy to setup Roon ARC with my Ubiquiti hardware running EdgeOS ~ NAT/Firewall rules done in seconds! Even better that my dedicated VLAN for Roon 2.0 works too with the correct multicast settings.

Wish I could say the same. When I left home this morning ARC logged out when I went to cellular. So I had to pull over and log back in. Started playing an album, music stopped. I restarted , stopped again. Third time it said I had a poor connection with four bars.

Great work bringing this feature into the Roon community!

+1 here too. Updated Core (NUC) to Roon 2.0, updated iOS remotes, and installed Roon ARC, all went smoothly and seamlessly. I’ve been enjoying ARC so far today, using it outside, in the car and at work and playback so far without issues and sounds great. ARC can probably use a few enhancements down the road but it’s a really good app right now. Well done, Roon team!

Just want to add my experience as well, which was very smooth. I’m running Roon on QNAP server and the update was done with no issue at all. Also Roon had no issue with my network setup to directly start the ARC support.
The Roon ARC app runs flawlessly on my iPhone even when switching to high bitrate mode over 4G network.

There are obviously some things I wish were present from the start (bookmarks and filters), but I can understand there may be some more complex challenges to have those features implemented outside the home network.

Yep, great upgrade, especially for Mac users. Native. Goooooood! Works a lot, lot better, faster, stable than before.

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+1 here too! This is such an amazing upgrade and new feature set. I finally purchased the lifetime subscription today. Thank you Roon for such an awesome product!

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Great update.
No issues with upgrade, and simple job to get ARC working.
and it’s working perfectly !! no dropouts or issues.

Great work Roon Team !!!

Cannot speak for ARC yet but update to 2.0 was smooth as silk. :grin:

Great work!

I have updated my QNAP i7 without any issue and the iPhone app is great.

Now I just need an app for my car. :wink: