Roon 2.0 - Any way to run it on an unsupported Mac OS?

Update on the Update… :slight_smile:

So it turns out it is a bit more tricky… There’s an issue with Big Sur and OCLP: certain programs (like Apple Music but apparently more) can give an error on opening saying “You don’t have permissions to run this…” The fix reported is “upgrade to Monterey”. Arghhh…

So I have just upgraded my (very clean) fresh install of Big Sur to Monterey. I just don’t want to bump into the “no permissions” thing down the road.

We shall see. The oddities I saw previously when upgrading from an aging Mojave install don’t seem to be here right now… We shall see.


Installing the Safari 16.1 update screws everything up with my macpro. Doing without Safari is too much to ask.

I will do a clean install of Monterey and will NOT update to Safari 16.1.

More… (I am very sorry for the live updating, but this might be useful to people)

Turns out reinstalling patches (even though they were loaded) fixed the odd errors in Safari 16.1. We shall see…


I really appreciate the “live” updates Miguel. They are very useful to me and I am sure they are to other users.

Thank you.

I was planning to update from Big Sur to Monterey but I am not sure if my Bluetooth/Wifi card is supported, I updated it to a card that supports AirDrop and Hand Off back in 2016, It has Wifi ac and Bluetooth 4.0 but I cannot find the ID number of the card without pulling out the processor tray and taking a look inside.

I too have a MacPro 5,1 12 core that I bought new in 2010. 64 GB RAM plus SSD boot from a PCI card. Used it as a production machined for ages. It is/was a great design for adding drives and PCI cards. At one point I had 12 TB internal storage plus 2x SSDs. It still boots and runs well but I only have the stock GPU, I’ve looked at Metal compatible cards with an eye to using OCLP to run Big Sur and will follow your progress with interest.

I have a macpro5,1, 32gb RAM, SSD on PCIe boot, 18tb of disk space. It is the disk space convenience and workflow I already have that keeps me attached to this machine. Big Sur + OCLP is problematic it turns out because of some issue with app permissioning that was never resolved. Also recommend a clean install for sure if that’s an option.

I think you have a BCM94360CD replacement (assuming it’s a macpro). I got this but was not able to make it work and gave up given I don’t particularly care for the functionality in this machine. It is supposed to work fine with OCLP and Big Sur or Monterey.

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I want to report that my macpro5,1 with OCLP and Monterey (12.6.1) has been working great for a month now. I had not quite internalized how much stuff I was giving up by staying on Mojave - even though I have a 14" M1max macbook pro. I highly recommend OCLP for the macpro5,1.

[obviously now that I have posted this my macpro will come crushing down and self destruct… :grimacing: :joy:]


hopefully NOT running here 2 times 2011 i5 and i7 Monterey (latest version) and Ventura. all done with the latest Legacy Patcher 6.1 all went smooth as possible Monterey runs from OCLP version3 :slight_smile: without a glitch
I thought Ventura had some glitches running with Raid 10 but these were fixed (thanks to OCLP) a wrong setting my own mistake