Roon 2.0/ARC Appreciation Thread

Upgraded yesterday and have so far experienced no problems:

  • Core on a SonicTransporter
  • 2x Mac remotes (Apple & Intel silicon)
  • 1x iPhone remote
  • 2x Allo DigiOne Roon Bridges
  • Various Roon Ready and Roon Tested end-points

Everything went quickly and super-smoothly and I am really enjoying having access to my Roon library from work!

Sorry to hear that some of you are having problems but I just wanted to give a thumbs up and message of thanks from one who isn’t.

Great work Roon team!


A few more problems with my router than you struts but now fixed through clear help notes from Roon

But the sound quality - which is what it’s all about is just divine - thank you Roon guys

My update has gone smoothly as well. I had a brief issue with ARC. Slowed down, asked for help and got it sorted. Very content so far and I am looking forward to future updates and development!

Mine was a breeze - once I found the setting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Using Unifi where the UPnP option is under Settings/Services then tab over to UPnP. Switch on, apply changes and presto!

I initially experienced a problem which I attribute to my own error of installing the ARC app on my phone prior to my core receiving the update. Someone made me aware of the app, but did not mention the correct process. I removed the app, restarted my phone, and installed the app again. It’s been rock solid since. Thanks Roon team, for all your hard work on making this happen. I love it.

Well I am a bit of an IT luddite really

I think the problem was I had the wrong port number - nonetheless it’s working now :grinning:

It’s an amazing upgrade. Slight head scratching yesterday evening regarding the router configuration but I let Roon Core sleep on it and today it worked.
I take my hat off to the Roon team for all your hard work.

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I cannot say anything less than…

I’m sorry… I’m a bit over the moon…

For the past three, four years I’ve been (on and off, not fulltime) fiddling and tinkering to organise that the three places where I spend my time (home, office and sort of a half-way-house) share one, big, happy network. But alas, never got it to work because of self-imposed security-measures and cybersecurity-paranoia…

And now… I planned having to rebuild the whole (computer-sided) setup, but a simple and faultless update made everything work (with manual port-forwarding, as my paranoid imaginary friend hates uPnP) within fifteen minutes and have never been so happy. Could even listen in the car between two locations! Realising that the only place where I can really hear the difference between perfectly fine and perfect is my home, there now lives the core, connected to the data server at the office via VPN. Playback at the office is via Airplay. PERFECT.

You just made my day. Week. Month…THANKS GUYS!!

Agreed - I went through a bit of a hassle trying to get it set up and having to reconfigure my router (which kind of terrified me), but well, well, well worth it. It is glorious to have access to my music library while away from home, and to not have to rely on a separate solution to do so.

Now all I’m missing to make Roon the absolute perfect solution for my and my use case is smart playlists. :pray: