Roon 2.0 Arc: Downloading music - iphone vs android

When trying to download music to my phone (local, not from streaming source), it works fine on my iphone, but not on Android. With the iphone, once completed, I get a checkmark where the download icon was, but with the Android phone, it just remains on the download icon and never completes.

I also noticed that in the iphone app, you get a progress indicator, while this did not show up in the Android app.

Tested using the same network conditions, library, album, etc, etc.

I need to do some more testing, but I think I’m seeing something similar on Android. I have an album where one track isn’t downloading, and the rest of the tracks have. I’m watching my local network traffic and I can see the content transfer stops before the final track downloads.

I need to go back and just play the track/album to make sure it’s not corrupted. Getting late here now so I’ll save that for tomorrow.

So last night before I went to bed, I deleted all my downloads. Just a few minutes ago, I tried downloading the troublesome album again and all tracks downloaded. A checkmark appears next to the album and all tracks. I also get a small circular progress indicator while downloading, as well as a counter such as “4 of 11 items complete” in the Downloads section.

My overall feeling is something isn’t quite working 100%. I have more to download so will report if I have more issues.
(Android - Roon ARC)