Roon 2.0 ARC for Computing devices

Wow, thank you Roon, you have done very well with ARC, I have actually revived my Roon server!

Now now now, if there is a version of ARC that works on my Macbook while I travel and work… or PC for other people, that would be great…

Wonder if that is ever in the work.

The second part is obviously, if there is Apple Music integration it would be great…

Yes I agree an ARC app for computers would be great. Away from home I mainly listen to music at work with a Macbook. Hopefully there will be an app for PC and Mac in the future.

+1 for this request. That would be awesome.

plus 1 for Arc for Mac/PC

The nice thing about the ARC app is that it’s built with Dart/Flutter. That makes it easy to deploy to other platforms, including as a Web app.

I imagine they’ll want to shake things down, first, though.

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