Roon 2.0 breaks indigo plugin integration?

Roon Core Machine

mac mini max ram intel cpu, about a 2017 i think

Networking Gear & Setup Details

all hardwired, ubiquiti and juniper

Connected Audio Devices

several, lumin, chord, etc

Number of Tracks in Library

about 30K?

Description of Issue

hello. i use indigo home automation to control roon.

with 2.0 it seems the plugin in indigo can no longer see the roon core. i have changed the plugin listen port to 55002, what is set in my roon core arc setup, but it still can’t connect.

is this socket now encrypted? or some other change that would prevent this system from working as it did?

thanks very much for any help asap!


and, can i have a download link for latest 1.8 build so i can regress until this is worked out? thx NM found links

but i will wait to regress until i hear back, maybe it’s a simple fix…?

so, i have solved this, was an error on the plugin side, and some confusion on my end, but all solved.

for any interested and using this system - upgrading to 2.0 works fine with the indigo plugin but the port populations may not work at first - the roon plugin in indigo still uses 9300, the display port, so that shouldn’t change. the arc port is separate and shouldn’t come into play for the plugin. fyi.

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