Roon 2.0 broke my Lenovo Yoga 2

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Core: Windows 10 HP Spectre x360 Intel i7
Remote: Window 10 - HP Spectre x360 and Lenovo Yoga 2

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Roon 2.0 killed my Lenovo Yoga 2 which I use as a remote. I previously had the 32 bit version of 1.8 installed because the 64 bit version would take forever to load album artwork. Since there’s no 32 bit version of 2.0 I uninstalled Roon, downloaded 2.0 and tried to install. Roon 2.0 opened, I could connect to my 2.0 core, and I started going through settings. Suddenly the screen went blank and I couldn’t do anything to recover. I did a hard shut-down. Now it won’t reboot. I get the “Lenovo” splash screen, then nothing, no Windows. I tried to boot up in Safe Mode without success. So now I have a dead computer. Thanks.

At exactly the same time I started getting pop-up security notifications from Malwarebytes on my HP Spectre x360 and thought it was also a Roon 2.0 issue. It ended up being Malwarebytes mistakenly flagging Google IP addresses as dangerous, which was fixed sometime later.

Hi @Kman_CT,

I’m sorry you’ve had this problem happen. I wish I had a way to pinpoint why this happened but the issue you’re describing falls outside of Roon. To my knowledge, there is no situation where Roon could a) damage hardware or b) cause a Windows machine to not boot in safe mode.

Safe mode is generally used to diagnose hardware driver issues and a failure to launch in safe mode points to Windows corruption. As an IT person advising outside of Roon’s scope of support, I might suggest trying to access the recovery menu and trying “last known good configuration”

Best wishes,

It’s a dead computer. I did a recovery to Windows 8 and then tried to install Windows 10 by downloading the ISO. After hours of updating that installation was aborted. There’s no point in running Windows 8.

The initial crash happened within a minute of launching the updated Roon 2.0 remote. I tend to believe that crash was caused by the Roon update, but it’s also possible that it was unrelated. None of that matters now.

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