Roon 2.0 broke my Lenovo Yoga 2

Roon Core Machine

Core: Windows 10 HP Spectre x360 Intel i7
Remote: Window 10 - HP Spectre x360 and Lenovo Yoga 2

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Description of Issue

Roon 2.0 killed my Lenovo Yoga 2 which I use as a remote. I previously had the 32 bit version of 1.8 installed because the 64 bit version would take forever to load album artwork. Since there’s no 32 bit version of 2.0 I uninstalled Roon, downloaded 2.0 and tried to install. Roon 2.0 opened, I could connect to my 2.0 core, and I started going through settings. Suddenly the screen went blank and I couldn’t do anything to recover. I did a hard shut-down. Now it won’t reboot. I get the “Lenovo” splash screen, then nothing, no Windows. I tried to boot up in Safe Mode without success. So now I have a dead computer. Thanks.

At exactly the same time I started getting pop-up security notifications from Malwarebytes on my HP Spectre x360 and thought it was also a Roon 2.0 issue. It ended up being Malwarebytes mistakenly flagging Google IP addresses as dangerous, which was fixed sometime later.