Roon 2.0 Build 1174 and ARC Build 98 is Live!

Hello Everyone,

Today’s earlyaccess release is focused on refining the presentation of Wikipedia data within Roon.

Based on feedback from this group, TiVo (Rovi) data is now split into three separate categories (Album Reviews, Artist Bios, and Composition Synopses) which can be independently prioritized by the user. An application of this additional functionality would be to prefer TiVo album reviews while still utilizing Wikipedia for artist biographies.

Other changes involve distributing Wikipedia data to more screens and individual user interface features of Roon. Please do let us know if your preferred data source isn’t showing up where expected.

As always there are a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements throughout Roon and ARC. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you encounter any bad behavior.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Team at Roon Labs

What’s new in this release?

What’s new in this release?

Build Numbers

Application Version
Roon / RoonServer 2.0 (build 1174) earlyaccess
Roon ARC 1.0 (build 98) earlyaccess
Roon Remote (Android / iOS) 2.0 (build 1174) earlyaccess


  • Split TiVo content into three separate editorial sources for use in prioritization
  • Implemented wider distribution of Wikipedia data throughout Roon
  • Several user interface refinements to Wikipedia display and settings
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements throughout Roon and ARC


Cores, remotes, and ARC installations already running earlyaccess should update automatically. If you need to reinstall, the latest earlyaccess builds can always be found at the following links.

macOS: Roon RoonServer
Windows: Roon RoonServer
Linux: Easy Installer Full Package
Nucleus / ROCK: See Help Center
Android APKs: Roon Remote Roon ARC

Information on loading Roon on Linux can be found here. Please use the files linked here in place of those from the help center article when loading earlyaccess.