Roon 2.0 extremely unstable - can't stream Tidal or Live Radio

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus, Roon OS version 1.0 (227) stable, Roon Server Softer 2.0 (1133) production

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Plume WiFi, Ethernet from pod

Connected Audio Devices

Schiit Modi DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

~11,500 tracks

Description of Issue

My Nucleus had been offline for a couple weeks. I booted it back up, updated it, and it can’t seem to stream from any source online - Tidal or Live Radio. It starts skipping after just a couple of seconds. I’m not getting internet speed warnings. Speed as measured by the network is ~500 MBps. Roon ARC does seem to be working. Roon also seems to be working to other endpoints, including my phone.

@Nathan_Huttner, as your Nucleus and even ARC seems to be working, have you tried logging out of Tidal from within Roon, rebooting the Nucleus and logging back into Tidal from within Roon and see if that corrects the skipping?

Also, is your Core hardwired to the router or is it connecting via a mesh node back to the main router?

Thanks - I was able to fix it. My headphone DAC is connected to a Mac Mini. I restarted the Mac Mini and that seemed to solve the issue. For some reason it was related to the Mac Mini, not the Nucleus, DAC, or internet speed.

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