Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

What windows machine? It’ll need to be cheap. My wife will forbid me from spending more money on hardware. My kingdom for a virtual Roon Core!

Just checked the logs. My Roon ARC is connecting directly to the ROCK core via the open port on my ISP. It’s not going through Roon’s servers (which I guess is sensible).

Should be fine (you have open ports for lots of things, not least browsing the Internet).

The Core already has lots of connectivity to Roon’s servers, so I’ve been assuming the reason to punch a hole in your firewall is to allow the phone app to connect directly instead of through a relay.

That’s what it’s for. You can delete the Roon ARC app from your phone if you don’t want to use it. I use with a DAC and headphones when walking my dog and with CarPlay when driving.

Those are outgoing, not incoming.

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Spotify sounds gooooooood!

Too much longer and I’ll be subscribing to Apple and looking up what a Deezer is…

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That’s a usb dac - very cumbersome on the go

What about portable wireless ones like chord’s offerings ?

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I just tried what you said and you are right. Let the first track complete, then the next track appears and you can even click the Next button right away now and it works.


I have a problem with this new update, my system 1 the core will support version 2.0, on system 2 (on my farm) it won’t, how will I be able to control the 2 cores? the cell phone is already with version 2.0 and I can no longer control the system core 2.

So im driving along in my car listening to the latest roon recommendations from tidal and qobuz. i hear a song i like and would like to hear again. so i reach for a simple click of the like button - but it’s greyed out. so i begin the rigmarole and just about manage to click the tiny 3 dots for more options, scroll down to click add to library and then click the like button. totally unworkable in a car. of course you shouldn’t be using your phone while driving but clicking a heart button on a phone mounted on your dash takes 1 second on tidal/spotify/qobuz/every other music app out there - with no road safety issues - unlike arc which requires navigating your way through menus to simply like a song. given that the promo video highlights car use strongly they should really have thought about something workable here (like not greying out the heart button but making it both add to library and like in 1 click).

then i’m listening to one of my playlists and a song comes up that i want to remove from the playlist - no way to do that in arc

no way to tag an album for listening to at a later date with arc

and when i try to add a track to a playlist none of my playlists are there — even though they are in the playlists menu in arc - only options is to create a new one

imo 2.0 is an awful effort at a mobile music player with the most basic of functionality missing. also very disappointing that roon remote 2.0 still doesn’t allow the main menu to be reordered and reorganised


For those that have updated have you turned into sexy young people like in the ads, I am holding off until I know this is an actual feature.

Also how are we managing multiple people out and about using ARC back to the same server, from a licensing perspective, I am assuming its fine?

Also looking at the ad they are saying that it will work even in patchy 3G. I can only presume therefore its varying bitrate as needed. Would love to know more about how they are managing this as it seems on the face of it fair to assume its going to be variable at best.

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Might want to do that. I loaded ARC and I look 30 years younger. Downside is my coupe became a convertible.


Hi all, two weeks old Roon rookie here.
First of all: Congratulations with the two point oh! In my very short time as a customer I’ve seen two updates, a small one and a big one. Very nice.
Being a Scandinavian the Roon Arc hasn’t shown up in my Play Store just yet, but I was wondering: Is there any point at all installing the Roon Remote app, or should I just wait a day or two for the Arc to show up, is there any benefit in running both?

That is going to be a limited use case but a very fair question! Are you saying that the latest roon remote update will not work with 1.8?

That would be a bad move on Roons front, because phone app updates are often automatic and even if not very easy to accidentally update along with ather apps.

I am going to install the latest roon app IOS on a spare phone and see what it does, hang on.

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Please see our Migration FAQ:

We now have Legacy Roon Apps available:

iOS App Store
Android Play Store
Android Manual Install (Link to APK)


I’ve always thought it odd that you can’t simply like an album you are playing. You have to add it to your library first, and then like it. This should be a single step.


Thats cool, thanks for that.

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I use a FiiO KA1. Not cumbersome at all. Don’t use a wireless connection if you want lossless high resolution music.