Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

Not young but feels like sitting in original Emaes next to my porsche parked in my living room.

I got it, thank you!

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There’s still only one Core machine, so from that perspective it’s having multiple endpoints playing different things all in use at the same time

Actualice MacOS Mojave a Monterrey y roon 2.0 se actualizó solo.
Funcionando perfectamente en iPhone , iPod y Huawei con Android

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Not true. You could tether your dac to your iphone to get wifi connection and then airplay to your dac to get cd quality or render at even higher resolution using an app like mconnect

We’re talking about Roon 2.0 and Roon ARC here. I said high resolution, not CD quality.

So a big push for roon remote was to have all your music in a familiar interface, so the big question, can you download tidal/quboz within roon?

An exciting development!

I only have a handful of my own music files saved to my Roon core to plug holes in the Qobuz catalogue. I’d been hoping it would be possible to download Qobuz files to listen to offline, whilst my Qobuz subscription remains active. I appreciate this is a Qobuz licensing restriction but is this insurmountable? Do Roon have any plans to work with Qobuz (and Tidal) to overcome this?


In answer to my own question, no you cannot download tidal content, so from my perspective no further forward really, when out and about without network, I would need at least one other app, tidal.

I understand why, but makes it a moot point for me, may as well stick with tidal.

Works well though.

Why? Is it bad?

I guess I’m going be a naysayer here… this release bores me to death. Why o why would you spend precious engineering efforts on such a thing that already exists in multiple ways. I have Plexamp… I’m never using ARC. What I want from roon is for it to be half the price because I don’t feel like I’m getting good value from it and this is the “major update” .NET Core does native mac silicon and something got ported… wow cool story bro, that’s not an update. I still struggle mightily with music discovery on Roon… I know there’s a lot going on but it feels so static to me.

This release has solidified that I’m taking a year off from Roon and flashing Volumio to all my devices. It’s literally half the price of Roon and does almost all of the same stuff. My year renewal is coming up soon… will check back in with yall in 2023.


Depends where you are, but can be very bad yes, even along train tracks in the east, for instance, and not every train has working on-board wifi. Doesn’t just affect ARC though

Do let us know how the year went! Volumio looks nice but missing too many of my favorite Roon features.

Is Roon Arc available on Apple Carplay? Nope.

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Around big cities it is fine, but not on the flat land. And I live in the famous Black Forest, were you can hear the cuckoo clock but no cell phone ring. :wink:

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Exactly why I have no use for ARC! I’m streaming only for 99% of the time, have been for years now, so if I want my library on the move I just use the excellent Qobuz app… I can’t really see why ARC exists, except of course for those ‘legacy’ users who still buy files?


Well, it’s good to see progress of sorts. New features are great, but core functionality, performance and reliability still have issue. So here’s hoping these are improved/fixed. Personally I’m going to patiently wait to upgrade until I’ve seen others with big libraries do so with satisfying results. I’ll let the brave among you start the debugging cycle. Maybe jump in after the shrapnel has stopped flying or at a least subsides a bit. :wink: Hopefully, it will not force me to upgrade until I’m ready.

Me neither and there doesn’t seem to be any other benefits to updating, so I’m ignoring the messages for now as surely there will be plenty of bugs in 2.0 even when not using ARC feature?

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Does 2.0 update automatically onto one’s Roon?
All of a sudden none of my devices can see my core (NUC 5i with ROCK) ….
Too much of a coincidence