Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

Price increase or not ? If some storage is used to synchronized or use Roon Mobile, it will cost some dollars to Roon team. At some point, to the users too, event the one that will not use this feature.

Or maybe not :slight_smile: Who knows :slight_smile:

Of course I do

  • Most of my new music are downloads from small labels and getting it identified is often not automatic, it requires adjusting Roon settings for the new album.
  • I use Roon Radio or Daily Mixes while working, and those depend on my previous listening history stored in the Roon database.
  • I use Recent Activity to remind me of, guess what, recently listens that I might want to get back to.

All those features are important to me as well. That being said, I’d also be happy with a first version on Roon Mobile even if these had been skipped.

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I wouldn’t mind Roon with the ability to store my own music in a cloud. I’ve already have a subscription to VOX to do just that. It allows me to play my own collection on my iPhone while away from home.

As much as I appreciate the service. I’m less thrilled about the whole VOX app. If Roon were to offer a similar service I would drop VOX in a heartbeat.

Jamie, I’m glad you noted this…Roon over the years (I started using Roon back in 2016) Roon has added many things and features and never once was there ever any talk about adding costs to whatever was place before it. Roon Mobile or whatever comes next is just icing on the cake.

Roon just keeps becoming more value for money if you ask me. And as a lifetime member I am glad I put my money down early. Keep up the great work team Roon!


Roon staff floated music cloud storage/backup awhile back.

I just don’t think people are thinking this through. I am struggling to see the advantage here. Anyone using Tidal or Qobuz essentially has no use for this beyond a familiar interface and those few songs from your bootleg collection.

In order to run your own server you are going to need an excellent and constant Upload speed from your home, without it you are going to have a bad time.
There are inherent risks to running your own server, by its definition you will be exposing your network to WWW one way or the other.
One of these ways is to rely on a company with you network.
In order for the service to work where ever you are needs to have a fast and stable network, if you are moving around in a car, that’s not going to be a thing.

The only other way this can work, is to sync music to your phone, not ideal as anyone using iTunes will attest. And of course you need plenty of storage.

Its fine I guess, but I really hope that they have worked significantly on Roon radio. This was part of the original sale, and its still, just utterly terrible. After all these years I can tell you exactly what is going to play after an album ends, so heres hoping they have addressed that.

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It might be possible to stream from Tidal or Qobuz directly to a mobile device, without going through the core. Upload speed would then matter only when streaming from your local library. The advantage would be using one app and one unified interface, as opposed to separate apps and experiences.


You are making too many invalid assumptions. I explained this further up already


Where can I find this info to backup my music or database ? I can only see the Dropbox option to store the database backup. Thank you.

They floated it, i.e., brought up the topic to gauge interest:

I have missed that but presumably something about an obscure piece of music not available on Tidel that’s fine but just how important is that when you are commuting to work? Want to run a server just to access it? To much just to copy it to your phone, its what roon is going to make you do anyhow lol.

You missed it again :slight_smile: Much of the music I like is not available on streaming*. Also, I would like to have access to the correct credits that I added to music in Roon (local and streaming alike), which also affects much of the music I like.

Tags and other stuff as well. Activity like play counts in sync with the Core. Maybe it will also be possible to make edits while on the go (e.g., stuck in a train) and have it synced back to the Core. Finally, I would like being able to simply copy the local music to my phone within Roon, simply because it’s more convenient. (Edit: And I run the server anyway, it’s the Roon Core …)

* There seems to exist an incorrect assumption, maybe predominantly by people based in US and UK, about just how much local, non-English music by small(er) artists is not available on streaming


Thats fair enough and I have no argument there. I am still willing to bet less than 5% of people will use this with any regularity, as long as development time wasn’t taken away from genuine progress to what Roon is all about was not lost I guess everyone wins.

Another consideration, I find it highly unlikely this will attract younger users, they like plex because they can share each other’s libraries, I am willing to bet roon won’t do that. And for those that want music served from home, they already have totally free solutions to do that, why would they pay roon?

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In the end, mobile Roon is one of the most voted-for feature requests. If they don’t implement it, they get roasted for ignoring what users want, if they implement it, someone argues that the votes are irrelevant.

It’s great that Roon can be used in so many different ways, and one result of this is that not every feature is useful to everyone. I don’t use DSP, but it would not occur to me to claim that DSP improvements are only useful to a minority and wasted time that should have better been spent on features that I want


I can’t argue with that. But still I will pray that Emmerson Lake and Palmer, followed by Genisis do not play directly after a Pink Floyd album, you can give me that small mercy surely?


I’m also not against improvements to Roon Radio even though I don’t use it :slight_smile:
Although Pink Floyd > Genesis > ELP don’t seem to me like an unreasonable progression

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Wash your mouth out!*

*My gripe is give me something I have not heard, give me modern prog rock, not the same old same old.


Genesis → Porcupine Tree would be a good suggestion. I can’t remember how I discovered Porcupine Tree (not Roon) but I had always assumed prog rock was from the 1970s and not something that continues today.

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For me I have used roon on mobile via 3rd party Zerotier with great results while traveling. That said its not so great over GSM/LTE mobile connection, but via a wifi connection back to my core from a hotel or friends house its great.

An official roon mobile option if that’s what this could be would be great for me, and many others I’m sure if Danny’s comment is considered with respect to the most requested feature.

Not every feature is going to be needed by everyone. I would like to say I use a lot of Roon’s extensive feature set , but I dont use TAGs, or Procedural EQ or even convolution for that matter. But they are there should I choose to use them.