Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

If roon mobile is not a part of the new release I might just do that. I have not had a real need since March of 2020‽ The main issue for me is that I’d have to convert my ROCK to a computer that requires attention. Maybe this will be the year I decide we actually need a NAS at home

roon would need to first fix the long overdue stutter/lag on ios mobiles for this to even interest me,ipad pro stutter was fixed but iphone 13 version is still a mess

Also if they could fix constant crashing or freezing on windows that would be just swell.


Yes that would be nice wouldn’t it. I’m on the early access programme and it’s improved - the Windows client crashes less - but it’s not fixed.

I’m glad, then, to be using it on Linux with Wine, and it never crashes for me. I guess this might be saying something about Windows :upside_down_face:


There it goes again! (Ah ahhhh)

Apparently today it does not even like me searching.

Seems we’ll get more details in 4 days

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Loud cheers here in the household, four more days to speculate on things to come :partying_face:

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Ha, it was easy
i just googled T-4 and found it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I just hope the freezing / crashing issue is fixed

4 days to go. This is getting seriously exciting now. I still think it’s going to be a feature that allows you to create a virtual full body avatar and then post endless TikTok videos of your avatar dancing to whatever track you’re listening to hey, I’m a born optimist.


hopefully the next version allows users to reorder the main menu - the current menu is badly thought out (roon radio is listed twice) and i have to scroll down to get to my most frequently used menu item which is playlists, instead of allowing me to put it to the top while composers is front and centre which i will never ever ever use

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Well I hope it’s actually Music oriented…,.I have zero interest in anything Video


And we’re grateful that you did @wizardofoz! We also appreciate all the help you provide to other customers here on Community. :muscle:t2: :pray:t2:


Purchasing a lifetime was the best decision ever.
Love you guys!


The feeling is mutual, dude! :v:t2: :purple_heart:


I’ve never had the Win client crash, and I run in both Win 10 and Win 11. Is this common?

I just want to say if it’s a mobile solution, you will have made my day Roon Team. I’m a streamer only user. I can’t stand Tidal user interface so I use Apple Music for outside the house and I struggle maintaining two libraries. If I could get Roon’s user experience outside the home I would just need to maintain one library. Here’s to hoping Roon 2.0 has a good mobile solution.

I hope to see some of the following in this new release:

  • Browser integration
  • Amazon or Apple streaming support
  • New Roon music streaming service
  • Allmusic website fully browsable from Roon
  • Discog or Musicbrainz integration
  • Apple silicon native app support
  • Dynamic range (DR database type) supported
  • Chat integration with other Roon users
  • Portable version of Roon

Let’s see…I’m very curious.

Isn’t possible to have a video teaser?

Just brainstorming.

What if they have struck deals with Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Uncle Tom Cobley and all, so that you can stream almost anything under the sun, Hi-Res included, with just a Roon subscription? Now that would be interesting.

It would explain why the lifetime membership has been removed.

The streaming services would lose revenue from existing Roon users because they would no longer need it, but the assumption would be that future Roon user numbers would dwarf existing users, so this doesn’t matter.

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