Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

I’m not aware of that. This screen grab from a few moments ago.


There has been no change to lifetime membership.

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Oh, OK. There was an email a couple of months ago (which I can’t seem to find now, so maybe I delete it) saying how lifetime membership was not in the long term interests of the company. Did they just hike the price? For some reason, I was left with the impression that they had removed the option. If not, my mistake.

Nonetheless, increasing the price a lot would also support my theory.

You will maybe get one of those wishes…


That’s amazing for you Brad.

For others it’s a constant issue, if it is minimised or put to background within ten minutes it’s toast.

Well, I’ve just had an email come in telling me to get ready for the 20th with a picture of a car with the top down - really hoping there will be a mobile option as I spend too much time in the car and would potentially overcome the problem of running roon in the house and tidal in the car kicking one off…

I was just notified that “our biggest” update ever is coming to Roon. I’ll assume this is DSD1024. That’s pretty big!


Our extraordinary journey starts on 20 September, 2022

Does this mean Roon 2.0 will be release on 20-Sep-2022 or does this mean the journey of more videos until the final release will start then? A countdown to a countdown. An endless journey. Christmas never comes.

The date seems a bit soon given that they only started beta testing the other day.

good news! Hope this will not be like “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” :slight_smile:

A ‘big’ update makes me nervous. It is fine how it is now. Stop messing with it.

It doesn’t need more bloatware that will eventually make our expensive music servers obsolete because they don’t have enough processing power for the new ‘features’.

The last major update did not go well. I hope this release has had hundreds of thousands of hours testing before release.

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A version that works without random crashes on windows would be pretty nice to say the least, that’s all I want.


I just hope it’s about music. They seem very focused on hardware integration lately.

I watched the vid, and the camera stuff looked like it’s a “behind the scenes” look at how they’re filming their big announcement ad.

Video would be a truly bizarre direction to take Roon, so I’m not anticipating that.

Obviously mobile is The Big One, and lots of people would be disappointed if it’s not that. They have to know that.


There is a real concern they have gone Hollywood., Lets hope not.

I’ll be looking for my black Porsche 911 to arrive on 9/20.


what on earth could it be? Is roon going to make cars? Or is it again about the color purple?
prepare to be heavily underwhelmed in 4 days

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Yes. Crash after freeze, loading 98% of memory (on 16gb ddr4 in NUC) and then need to restart.

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In one way or another many of the messages on this thread and others have been about making Roon more popular and available to more people. Thereby insuring our continued enjoyment. I am posting here because I recognize many regular members on this thread. Just throwing this out because I have no idea how Roon could make this work but making a Roon Roku app could make our software almost ubiquitous. I did a search for Roku and didn’t find anything.

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“It’s not what you look at…”

Iphone, Android, pixel, Samsung

“It’s what you see…”

Roon for mobile. Stream your music outside the home.

I know nothing, just a guess.

And it will only be available for an extra monthly fee. Even for those who bought lifetime (especially for those who bought lifetime.). Lol.

We will see.

I’m a beta tester so my Porsche arrived two months ago. Interesting that Roon would move in to car dealership, but there you go.


wait till they ship 5 gallons of purple paint