Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

SYNOLOGY: no need for new package, it did upgrade like it was a minor revision


This is awesome!!!


I wonder if it works on Apple Car Play…?

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Getting poor connection notice on Roon Arc app. I have gigabit internet speeds at home where im connecting

It is all going to be ok…

By the FAQ’s it seems that’s coming later? Bluetooth for now.

Roon 2.0 does not require a Roon OS update.


Had the same, fixed now after waiting a bit. Noticed the core had a high CPU usage so maybe it was preparing something

Sorry, I have absolutely no interest in your mobile features, but want to control my core with my ipad.

I’m getting Roon ARC not able detect Roon cores after login… Do I need to update Roon core to 2.0? Currently I’m using 1.8

Yes, of course.

Yup, Core update should be available now.

Thanks Brian. Great! OS is still stable and the new Roon Server software is great. Got it working and it is all very smooth.

Just fiddling with Port forwarding (I have a mesh network running behind my ISP generic router)… but I’ve got a Teams meeting now so will have to stop and do some, er, work…

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Quiet… Ssh - is that music I hear!

Isn’t it!

Roon truly is now at version 2.0!! What an upgrade!

You’ll need to update your iPad Roon Remote app when your core updates to Roon 2.0.

So continue using the Roon Remote for iPad… Version 2.0, if you’ve upgraded to a version 2.0 Core, or stay on version 1.8 for both your iPad and Core…

I’m kinda bummed now that I will be working from home tomorrow :smile:


SYNOLOGY gets stuck here