Roon 2.0: From Rumors To Reality

up and running including first ARC tests. :slight_smile:

As I said earlier, not interested in the Mobile app. Don’t want to over work and expose my Roon core, I’ll leave it alone for serious listening at home only. The Plex server on my Synology NAS plus Plexamp app on my devices have been working perfectly so far for me to access and play my music library remotely.

Any other improvements for the 2.0, e.g. sound quality, ability to add custom notes/reviews, …etc??


UTC is GMT or Zulu if your from a military background

Me too… I haven’t checked yet!

GMT, UTC or Zulu are constant

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OK, apparently it’s not only when clicking next. Even when you get to the end of the song, it doesn’t continue to the next track but instead gives this “nothing to play” message.
That can’t be the experience for everyone, right?

Incredible announcement, I’m thrilled and very excited to try it out!!

I did, it didn’t show anything. Something is up with my setup. Or maybe it’s because I switched to my work core and Roon didn’t yet realize I’m using both cores…

If you unauthorize your core that is connected to Roon ARC, then Roon ARC will not work. With one license, you can only have one core authorized. No change there.

thanks … I was wrong to not read well before updating to roon 2.0 on mac mini … :pensive:

No it isn’t. GMT is a time zone. UTC isn’t. It just so happens the time is always the same in either one of them :slight_smile:

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I’m transfixed… refreshing until 1.8 turns to 2.0! I’m getting quick :wink:

I’m up and running ARC on an Android phone. Had to tweak router settings to authorize connection but it does indeed seem to work…

“There is no time difference between Greenwich Mean Time and Coordinated Universal Time”

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The only problem I found while updating to 2.0, is that my custom stereo setup of my HomePod Mini’s was deleted. But, that’s easily fixed.

Everything is up and running, perfectly. Thanks Roon!

When you switch to another core, sometimes the original core doesn’t immediately lock itself up. You can still use it until something triggers the duplication check. I was still able to playback through ARC using the original core, but the ARC page in the core did not show that I was playing anything.

I’m turn 1.8 back on… this is more frustrating than deciding what to listen to next without listen to what’s on

That’s true, but GMT was the UTC in the days when the sun never set on the British Empire.

In any event, not the place for this back and forth. Mods please don’t split this off into its own lame thread. I, for one, am done.

I’m using Roon ARC (Android phone and iPad Air) in Light theme. On the home screen, there are strange purple and pink patches on the white background. It makes it look like there’s something wrong with my display. Also, when I choose an album, the white background gradually changes to a dirty white colour.

Is anyone else seeing this?