Roon 2.0 interface unusable on Windows 10 (Xeon CPU / Nvidia FX580 GPU)

Hi all,

Brand new Roon user (yesterday). I downloaded 64bit windows version of Roon 2.0 on my PC and the user interface is extremely laggy and basically unusable. I can not even scroll thought folders to select my music to get started (display flashes off/on when a roll the mouse button one or two clicks). I was able to download the ipad Roon remote where I could then link to Tidal and setup my local music folders on my WD Mycloud etc. Everything works perfect from my older iPad air. Would love to get things working on my PC, any help greatly appreciated.

My PC is an old HP Z400 Workstation:
Xeon processor 2.67ghz
8 GB ram
Nvidia Quadro FX580 graphics with latest Nvidia recommended driver (342.00)
Main hard drive upgraded to 500GB SSD

Ed, that GPU isi an extremely old model, with the latest NVIDIA graphics driver being almost 6 years old. Also, it appears HP does not support W10 installed on a Z400. Based on the behavior you are seeing, this could be result of a poor graphics driver, but the computer may not have other drivers needed to support W10 correctly. Roon also requires OpenGL drivers for its video display, and newer drivers tend to address many of the issues you are experiencing.

Do you have an option to test a Core on a newer model computer that is fully W10 compatible?


Thanks for your reply Robert. My PC does have OpenGL 3.3 installed and running. Is this version of OpenGL compatible with Roon? I don’t have another PC or laptop I can try at this time.

I admit, my computer is getting a little long in the tooth but it does run Windows 10 and every other program I have ever thrown at it without a problem. This includes everything from various 2D/3D CAD, video editing, subsonic, plex, MS office etc. Not sure why I’d get stuck on the second page of the roon setup just trying to select a folder? This seems like a bug in the new version maybe?

Looking through other posts, there is discussion about running a 32bit version that has resolved other peoples laggy interface behavior. Is there a 32bit version of roon 2.0 I can try? Maybe V1.8 is worth a try in 32bit or 64bit? How do I get to these downloads?

2.0 is 64bit only

That Xeon Processor W3520 in your HP is slower than an i3…you will get, at best, sluggish performance. The GPU is really slow too…

It’s time to upgrade…

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