Roon 2.0: Missing Album Art in Library/Browser on Mac

Unfortunatelly, it is not working on my Mac! I am still missing so many album cover even that exist in library. Once again, it is shown only when you open album not on table of album. As I see most of them are compilation but not the only…

I have never used Roon on Mac. But, can you find a similar setting as I described? If not, then I hope support would chime in and assist you further.

Hi @Ranko_Labovic,

I’ve merged your post into a new topic thread where we can assist you more directly; please accept my apologies that we didn’t respond promptly. Next time (hopefully you won’t need support again anytime soon) the fastest way to get in touch with support is to start your own dedicated topic thread in Community, providing the full details requested in the template, and tagging @support in your comments.

As for the missing artwork, are you continuing to encounter this after updating to the latest build of Roon across your devices? If so, we’ve pulled diagnostics from your account to investigate the issue more deeply. We’ll respond shortly after we’ve taken a more thorough look.

Thank you again for your patience.

Thanks, Connor
I can tell you that I also investigate this problem with my equipment. Now I am sure that happens only on my Mac, (my Roon core is on my PC with windows 10). On Roon core all albums cover are shown, but on my MAC (as remote) mostly compilation are not showing album cover on album table even it exist if you hit on album. It is the same on Tidal album table ??? Why…I am looking to find more example…

Hi @Ranko_Labovic,

If album artwork is missing on a Remote device but not the Core, it is likely the result of networking issues slowing down certain service requests as they are passed to from the web to the Remote via the Core on your local network.

A few things to check:

  1. If your Core is connected to the router via WiFi, I recommend hardwiring it via ethernet for a more stable connection.
  2. Have you made sure to add Roon and associatecd executables to your Windows firewall exceptions? You can use these instructions to add the exceptions and the executables themselves would be located in your Database Location/Application folder path.
  3. If you are experiencing missing album artwork with local library content (your own music), double-check the filepath to the folder containing the artwork, as well as the Mac’s WiFi connection strength. If you are experiencing missing album artwork with streaming (Tidal and Qobuz) content, then I recommend re-syncing those services in Roon → Settings.

Thank you for your patience again.

I have a possibly related issue with Roon Display: Artwork missing in Roon Display for certain albums

I’m certain that is not due to my network or other aspects of my environment.

I had a similar issue. Turned out to be a corrupt install of Roon on my Mac (used as remote and occasional core when travelling). Resolved it by deleting all the Roon files and settings in the User Library (in the Roon folder) and reinstalling from scratch.

Hi @Ranko_Labovic,

Were you able to resolve this issue after double-checking LAN security settings?

While @Gimlet’s experience unfortunately speaks to the possibility of corruption underpinning album artwork issues, the most common culprit is usually just some up- or downstream network filtering preventing filetags from loading properly.

We’re here to assist if you need support. @hacker19, I followed up earlier this week in your other thread, so please check there for the most recent response to your particular issue. Thanks everyone for your patience.

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