Roon 2.0 not compatible with sonictransport i5 [resolved, update was not ready]

So my iphone auto updated to Roon 2.0. That part went smoothly. Problem started when update being applied to roon core. I use a sonictransporter i5. now when opening roon it says my new sonictransport i5 is not compatible and will not upgrade it to 2.0. No access to any music. Tried to reinstall 1.8 on iphone with no success. Any suggestions on what to do.

Roon 2.0 isn’t available yet for ur core (or anyone else’s for that matter). Only thing left to do is wait. Any moment now…

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Ich habe das gleiche Problem.


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You can wait another hour for your core to update or put your iPhone back on 1.8 by installing Roon Remote (legacy). I turn off all my auto updates to avoid such issues.

Thanks for the info. Then I’ll wait another hour. Does it also affect the iPad APP?

Once V2.0 is available it will install OK. I had the not compatible message but now have installed V2.0 OK.
You just have to wait till its available in your area.
I am in UK.

Thanks for this info. ill give it a few hours to see if update completes if not will go back to 1.8 legacy. Was so looking forward to 2.0. Must have patience :frowning:

The builds are available. Restart your core and it should pick it up.

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All working now. Out in my car listening to tunes. this is …. awesome. Thank you Roon. job well done :+1::+1:

I am in the UK and my Rock also shows Not Compatible. can you explain what happened to yours and is now working?

it seems when i had the issue the software was not available yet in my country (canada). once it became available it just went about it’s update with no issues and began to work.

Had the not compatible message a couple of times. Powered down my mac (roon server) and tried again. Worked after a couple of goes. Powering down seems to be the secret, roon then picks up the update at startup. HTH.

Unfortunately none of this works. I have rebooted the ROCK, reinstalled the firmware etc and I still get the same error message.

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