Roon 2.0 playing externally

I updated to Roon 2.0 on my Synology and Android mobile phone.
Absolutley no issue.
I am still wondering why it is not possible to play music from the “Home Core” e.g. to players in my office?
Thanks for helping or explaining.

Only the Roon ARC app can play remotely.

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Basically, the way Roon ARC works is to use your Phones connection to “connect” to your home network. “When Roon configures your network (or if you configure it manually), ARC will establish a secure line of communication to your Core, authenticating your Roon account credentials and using an encrypted transport for all connections.”

The endpoints in your office would need to do the same thing. So unless they are running ARC and have the capabilities of your phone (operating system to handle the network connection, etc.) they will not be able to make the connection to your home network.