Roon 2.0 update chaos

Roon Core Machine

Netgear C7000v2; Ethernet from Nucleus into a TP-Link TL-SG116 Gigabit switch; no YPN

Connected Audio Devices

All Ethernet - several Bluesound 2.1 Nodes, 2 Naim Mu-SO (1 QB, 1 full size, both version 2)). Schiit BiFrost, Auralic Mini

Number of Tracks in Library

a lot (can’t access Roon server to get answer and I haven’t memorized the number)

Description of Issue

Everything working fine including ALL remote systems and then… Got a message saying that an update was available for Roon and I checked “all machines”
Don’t know which device, Mac M1 or Nucleus, is updated to 20 and which is stuck with 1.8 but I can’t access the Nucleus any more.

I downloaded Roon 2.0 and a Mac installation “Roon-2.dmg” but it just tells me to drop “Roon” into the applications folder. That’s where things stand. I can’t play music! This is NOT good. Please advise.

No idea how to proceed.


UPDATE: Mac M1 was updated to Roon 2.0 but Nucleus still running Roon 1.8 “Legacy” (version 1126) and they are apparently not talking to each other. Tried to update Nucleus but it indicates that everything is “latest version.”… Roon tells me that “Core and Remote are running different versions.” Help Center was not helpful… So, deadlock. No networked music anywhere in the house.

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Not a solution to upgrading the ROCK but in the interim you could install 1.8 Legacy on the M1 Mac and replace 2.0 on it until Roon support can help sort you out.

The link to 1.8 Legacy is here:

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Thanks BC but this is illogical to me. My issue ism that my remote won’t upgrade, my Mac M12 is fine. Why would Roon Labs send out an update for an OS that won’t update its own machine? It is my Nucleus that won’t update. Not only that, but they’re giving me six weeks to update the Nucleus to version 2.0 which looks like they are going to run me into the wall AGAIN when they figure out how to update the Roon Nucleus. This is seriously illogical!

I’m not a techie and the way techies write instructions are definitely alien complete with alternative terms for the same idea and incomplete specifications for steps to take. I do not enjoy being led into a dead-end and then abandoned, especially without music.

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Roon is not giving you six weeks to update the Nucleus to version 2.0. They are giving you six weeks to take your Nucleus from whatever it’s on to Roon 1.8 Legacy if you decide you want to stay on 1.8.

I have no idea why your Nucleus won’t upgrade to 2.0. However, if you can’t solve it and want to listen to music over the weekend, BC’s suggestion is a good one. Your Nucleus is on Roon 1.8 and to use it, you need a Roon Remote on 1.8 also. That could be your Mac or a phone or tablet.

@support will be back at work Monday and should be able to help you get your Nucleus on Roon 2.0. That’s what I’m running with no issues.

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I report this problem in the Roon 2.0 update:
On 20/9 I updated my Nucleus server (rev. A) to the version of Roon 2.0 build 1128, the same for the iPad and the iPhone. Everything’s fine.
This morning a message appeared on my iPad that an update was available, I selected to update and nothing happened. I restarted the app on the iPad and the Roon update screen appeared: it said that Roon was at version 1.8! I proceeded to update and, after the reboot, Roon returned to version 2.0, but always with the same build! So if there was an update, where did it go?

Hi @mnilan ,

Sorry for the trouble here. It sounds like you reached out to us right when our update server was having issues, can you please try the procedure I mentioned in the linked thread and let me know if it works? Thanks!

All has been corrected per Geoff’s instructions, so I don’t want to mess with things.
Mike Nilan

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