Roon 2.0 update problrm-Roon access has gone away

Roon was working fine…until I got a message saying an update was required. When I try to do the update, I get a message “checking for an update” which lasts forever. At one point I finally got a message saying something like my server couldn’t be found. Until the update came along, I never had this problem. I am using an iPad and an Innuous Zenith 3. I can access the Innuous web site and find the Zenith there with no problem but I have no access to Roon. Please help.

Hi @Stephen_Brown,

Please accept my apologies on behalf of the team for having failed to respond to your note sooner.

As I’m sure you were aware, there were connectivity issues introduced when users had a mismatch between the legacy (Roon 1.8) and new (Roon 2.0) releases of Roon. Looking through diagnostics for your account, I see that you’ve been able to update successfully to 2.0 across your devices.

How has your system been performing in the last several weeks since your post? The team is standing by to promptly assist and look through logs should you report continued connectivity or network issues since the update. We’ll be keeping an eye out for your response.

Roon has been terrible and I am dismayed by your tardy response. Playback on Roon is interrupted every few minutes with some kind of message about an issue with my Roon core. I paid for a lifetime Room membership and prefer Roon when it works but, because Roon keeps pausing and you have been unresponsive,I have changed to Innuous sense which works perfectly. You should really refund my membership since your product isn’t working and your support is poor.

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