Roon 2.0 Will it work on iPad running 12.5.5?

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My ipad is old and running IOS 12.5.5. It wants me to update the Mac which should be fine but also the iPad.
Will the ipad support the new Roon software?
I do not need the new feature since i have no music library and only use roon for DRC when streaming Qobuz.
So i planned to ignore the update in case it would not work.
However ipad will not run roon, although it was finw on previous release, even though i have not updated anything.
Can you please confirm the ipad on 12.5.5 will support the new software or tell me how to ignore the updates.

Hi, @John_Carlyle, thank you for your question. We do not have any additional requirement for iOS version in this release. Roon Remote 2.0 should be working on your iPad.



Thank you for your extremely prompt reply. I have updated the Mac and the iPad seems to work fine without itself wanting to update although initially I got a screen saying that both devices needed to update. Your reply is commendably clear: it would help to have confirmation of such compatibilities when Roon advises of an update.

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