Roon 2 on a FiiO M11

Have just upgraded to Roon 2 and apart from having to manually setup port forwarding everything went fine. Was playing with Roon ARC on my Samsung S10+ and would like it on my FiiO M11. Any chance of this?

They only support Android 9 and above for ARC not sure what version you have of the M11. It’s not available for my Hiby R5 which makes me sad.

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IIRC the minimum Android version for ARC is 9. So it depends what your M11 has. I’ve seen IIRC on the FiiO website that the M11 Plus has Android 10 but YMMV

FiiO M11 was supplied with android 7.
FiiO M11+ with android 10 and I have no issue to run ARC on this last one.

Then there you have it the original one is running too old an Android to run it.

Looks like an upgrade is required :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed I was hoping to be able to use my Hiby but apparently not.

It is running on my Ibasso DX320 which is Android 11. Must have a Wifi-connection ofcourse

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Anyone know of a decent DAP with 2 micro SD slots?

Yeah, I have several FiiO and Hiby DAPS that are left out on this one (Android 7 and 8). Of course the lack of high-resolution and MQA support on Android DAPs remains incredibly frustrating, especially for an ecosystem that caters to audiophiles.

FiiO M11 Plus Digital Audio Player (ESS version) ordered. I know it’s just got one micro SD slot, i’ll just have to be more selective :-). Anyone looking for a FiiO M11?

… or buy a bigger card :slight_smile:

Roon ARC runs very well on FiiO M11 Plus LTD :+1:

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I also have a Fiio M11 Plus ESS
How does ARC compares to Fiio Music (better/worst quality, Fiio Music uses some exclusive/optimized mode, I think)?
Will I still have all the metadata when using Roon ARC offline? I mean downloading my music files to the SD and being offline, will I still see all the metadata, infos, etc that I love in Roon?

I have 2 x 1tb in the M11 :slight_smile:

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New M11s may be Roon Ready.

I’m hoping this applies to the M11 Plus as well (I have ESS version).

This is so utterly disappointing. I bought an M11 and two 1TB cards hoping I could transfer my music to it. But the Fiijo player doesn’t recognize many of my albums. So I actually didn’t use it for almost two years. Arc could have solved the problem, but &%#&

You know that the M11 works fine with Roon Remote from the Play Store. Arc unfortunately will not work because of the fact the M11 runs on the nowadays old Android Version 7.x. Bit perfect playback is still something to wish for. For now it’s downsampling or upsampling all streams to 24bit 192kHz.