Roon 2 PC setup question.

If i have Roon on 2 pcs, one has Roon Os and the other is my windows pc with the normal roon app.

Can i upsample to DSD512 on my windows pc and send it to the Roon Os pc, basically the Roon Os pc can`t handle DSD512 so i want to know if it is possible to get DSD512 using this method.

The output has to be via the machine that can handle it. What is the spec of the Roon OS machine. It will upsample to the capability of the output machine even if it can’t do it directly itself.

Well, there are two questions here actually. The Roon Server is what does the upsampling to DSD512, so whichever machine has the better CPU should be doing the chores. The second is, can the PC actually send DSD512 to the attached DAC. Since Roon OS is running a Linux variant, Linux and DSD512 output are not straightforward. Your better bet would be to connect the DAC to a Windows PC so you can run the drivers that are required for DSD 512.

But, as Henry said, we can be much more specific if you tell us the specs of the computers in question and the DAC.

The DAC does DSD512 on linux via the new amanero firmware.
The Roon Os pc cant handle upsampling, the specs are too low for that and at the moment i cant invest in a better machine.
I don`t want to use the DAC on the windows pc because the sound is better on a dedicated pc.

Is that fix incorporated into ROCK? If it has been, then yes you can run a Server on the PC and send it to the ROCK PC as an endpoint.

Amanero firmware update for “native” DSD, up to DSD512, is on the DAC side, see: (2006be10 beta FW works without any glitches on my DAC).

On the ROCK side i think Linux patch is already applied for AMANERO, see: Native DSD on Moon DAC (ROCK)

So ROCK as an “native DSD” endpoint probably works, i agree.

Windows PC to run core, Linux PC to connect to DAC. Should work as long as the Linux PC incorporates the updates required to let the Amanero firmware do its thing.

Rock as endpoint should work. thanks for the info guys.