Roon 2.x works for me when my Internet is out

Happy Friday, gang.

I had my first Internet outage in many months at my house today, so I decided to open up Roon to see what would happen, given all the hullabaloo about Roon requiring an Internet connection. Aside from not being able to load TiVo album reviews, it worked perfectly fine. I was able to play all of my music and do everything I needed to do, with no problems. My collection is 100% local, with no streaming services. I thought this sort of offline performance was perfectly acceptable.

Have others found this to be the case?

Perform a search on this, as its been covered. Bottom line (as far as I know) roon may work for 5min or 5hrs or not at all without internet. Regardless, it won’t stay “alive” without internet, what the exact delta is, is unknown.


Danny had previously said that it might work for some time, but Roon guarantee 0 minutes of working when the Internet is out.


Exactly, in the feature request thread IIRC some had it working for considerable time, for others it failed more or less immediately. Probably depends on what it tries to do, which is seemingly random when looking from the outside

Nope stops working for me after a short while.

I had a good hour before my Internet came back up. No matter, I will say that this is solved. It doesn’t deserve any more attention, I hope you all agree, and thank you to those who have answered!

Your lucky then as it just doesn’t work for me, I have to switch to UPnP or PlexAmp.

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