Roon 32 bit vs. 64 bit version!

Hi all fellow Roon users,

Are you using the Roon 32 bit version or the 64 bit version?
I wonder because I got a advise from Mr. Keetakawee Punpeng CEO for Fidelizer Audio.
To use the 32 bit version instead, because it’s better sound and the CPU has to work less also the memory doesn’t have to use so much memory!
Before when I used the 64 bit version, so did my CPU using between 30 to 60% and my memory used between 45 to 85%!
So my fan was running high all the time (sometimes so much that I fought it would lift up my computer)! It’s a 8 years old pc laptop, with a i5 CPU and it’s got 6GB memory.
When I used the DSP EQ so could I only use 3 different frequencies, and when did the music stop with 5-10 minutes intervals not especially funny, I had hard to move around the mouse it was just hacking!

I went to Roon’s website page and download page, selected 32 bit version instead and downloaded it, it’s worked there smoothly (Thanks Roon).

First I noticed the sound was better and when I checked my CPU so did it only used 5% and my memory was only around 35%!
So I went to the DSP and I could use 7 different frequencies in the EQ, the fan didn’t went up and the mouse wasn’t hacking, great!
So I checked my CPU and it was on 8-12% and my memory was on 40/50% also great, because I have 3GB to use to other things!

When I’m playing MQA music so are the CPU around 3-5% and the memory between 35-50%, and it sounds better than ever.

When I’m playing other music, so I can use the DSP I have the Headroom Management enabled, Sample Rate Conversion enable (I don’t know about you, but I make all my up sample there! So in the device setup/Audio does I only make the ordinary setup’s and leave the other). Of the reason that I have compared the sound with my ears, I don’t do any measure :grinning: that some of you now’s! I also have the Parametric EQ enable one High Pass filter and six Peak/Dip on different frequencies.
So is my CPU 8-12% and my memory 40-50%, I have now stopping in my music and my fan goes on it’s slowest, so I don’t hear it anymore even if playing a little bit quieter on the late hours :grinning:.

So it’s really nice to playing music now and I don’t in a hurry to buying something new, okay I have already decided me for that I shall have and ordered it, but I can use my “old pc laptop” for playing music in my bedroom!

So to all you that using the 64 bit version of Roon, testing to change to the 32 bit version instead, because you don’t get higher resolution on your sound by using the 64 bit version! Or any other things except that you using more power on your CPU, and using a lots more memory that you could have to other things like on your DSP!
If you of some reason should like the 64 bit version, well, it’s only to download it again!

Because after all so don’t you lose anything to try it, well a little bit of time but it’s doesn’t matter if you notice that your hardware works better and the most important, you could find out that it sounds better as well!

Good luck with your testing!