Roon 32 vs 64 bit... for Nimitra/Sonic Transporter i5 etc

hey guys…i might be getting a nimitra or sonictransporter i5
it was suggested i switch to the 32bit Roon version (i’m using Tidal 99% of the time)
due to less memory and cpu usage, being more efficient, etc.
thoughts? and how to do so?

By who?

You’ll be running it on 64bit hardware, and all would depend on Roon’s implementations, but 64bit could be more efficient. 64bit also would allow the use of more than 4GB of RAM efficiently if I’m not mistaken.

If you want to worry about quality, think towards a server -> endpoint setup where you store the server outside your listening area.

Ok thanks… unsure of the costs of such, however.

Nothing whatsoever against the Nimitra, but you could get a really nice network endpoint (Sonore ultraRendu + Uptone LPS-1) for less than I suspect you’re contemplating spending on the NImitra.

Along with @paaj, I suspect you’d get more bang for the buck, SQ-wise, with a network endpoint. Keep using whatever hardware you currently use for the core, or get a NUC, but keep it out of the listening room, or at least as far from the listening area as you can.

thanks…my setup:
10 yr old laptop (can’t process roon upsampling)
lps 1, microrendu to iFi micro idsd dac (might upgrade to ps audio direct stream jr or hugo 2)
with Roon and Tidal (use Tidal 99% music listening).

what server would i have to buy and what advantage would having it in a separate room achieve?
excuse my naivete, please.:blush:

The Microrendu already acts as endpoint, no changes there. Good DIY option would be NUC/ROCK as dedicated Roon server.

Or the devices you already found, but the ‘audiophile’ qualities won’t matter. That is the whole point if Roon’s Server/Endpoint philisophy.

Sorry. I didn’t realize you already had a microRendu, so no compelling reason to upgrade, IMO.

See this post from @brian:

As @paaj notes, a good network endpoint goes a long way toward obviating the need for an “audiophile-grade” Roon server, or at least that’s the theory.

many thanks for your help, guys.
i do now have fibre internet installed into my premises.
maybe even a cheap Roon Nuc would make sense as things are so close together.

It would certainly. Just keep it out of the listeningroom to avoid fan- and/or HDD noise.