Roon 44kHz only -- used to see 192 but now I don't

Roon Core Machine

I’m on windows 11, have some speakers hooked up directly to the PC and that’s how I am playing roon at my desk. The speakers I have are the iloud micro and I’ve had these same speakers for quite a while.

I’ve messed around with the audio settings and now I don’t see 192kHz anymore – whereas I used to.

Originally I was using Realtek ASIO but there is no way to turn off exclusive audio control with that, and it was annoying how it would always break my audio and I couldn’t watch youtube or do anything else with audio if using roon. So I switched to WASAPI “speakers” and I started to notice this only showed 48khz

But I’m not sure why I can’t seem to get back to 192. While messing about I tried all sorts of things and was able to see 96khz on some albums, but I’m yet to be able to get back to 192 and I have no idea what the issue is.


Even when I go to Tidal, and look at masters, I only see 48 (and I have gone into my tidal settings and it’s set to MASTER quality).

You need to turn on exclusive mode in the device setup (second screenshot).


Tried that – didn’t seem to make a difference.

anyways, for whatever reason I seem to have fixed it but I have no idea how, I can now see 192 / 24 albums now.

And using exclusive mode with system output on a PC is awful ! you literally have to restart windows if you want to hear any audio from anything other than roon after you’ve used it.

It should not be necessary. I think Roon lets go of the device when you stop playback. If that doesn’t happen, quitting Roon should do it. And that doesn’t happen either, changing the output format in sound settings to something else should clear any device ownership.

A lot of cognitive dissonance from Daytona. Intentionally disabling Exclusive mode, thereby running all audio through Windows to be resampled at system rate and combined. But, alas, worrying about not seeing pie in the sky 192 kHz sample rate numbers. Then, in the end, playing back on 2 lb plastic computer speakers, which are analog input DSP active monitors that A/D/A convert all audio at 44.1-48 kHz sample rate anyway.


BTW, you can use Roon to do rate conversion if you don’t want the OS to do it.

Let’s keep this discussion civil please and try to help the OP.


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