Roon 720P Incompatability

Can’t Roon be made to fit in a 720P resolution? I have a small monitor that I have to look at from a distance & 1080P makes everything too small. I could get by with 720P but the most important controls are there (the play, pause, etc) and they are cut off at 720P using Roon.


I run on a 55" TV from across the room.

Mine is a Mac so I use the Zoom feature with the swipe up/down to zoom in/out on the Magic Mouse. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Pretty sure there’s a Windows equivalent.

Hope this helps.

Hello @dancremeans, did you try to use a Fullscreen mode. If you use Windows, launch Roon and press F11.

Yes I did try Full Screen Mode and the bottom portion still gets cut off. I’m using a Mac by the way.

On my Mac I toggle the green dot in the upper left and my screen maximizes without any bottom info cut off.

I use the key with the mouse swipe up/down to zoom in/out. The cursor location is the center of the zoom frame.

Hope this helps.


Your idea makes sense, not the perfect solution, the perfect solution would be if Roon were designed (or redesigned) to not cut off the important controls (play/pause etc.) when using a 720p resolution. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a try.

It’s the control key with the mouse swipe.

What would be nice is to have the tap zoom feature in Roon like it is on the Safari browser. But I’ve lived with control zooming for awhile. Hate having to keep the keyboard handy for that but I haven’t found any Apple Magic Mouse/Trackpad add-ons that would alleviate the control key/swipe combo.


I have exactly the same problem. I use a MacMini and a 50" TV and if I use 1080p I have to constantly squint in order to see anything. Therefore I use 720p which makes everything more legible. However, as you said, with roon you can’t view the whole program window when using 720p. So I have to change resolution when using roon. This is a bit frustrating to be honest and I don’t like the zoom-solution.