Roon 880 crashes with library local radio [resolved: 884]

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rock pc with Linux

Connected Audio Devices

Stream via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

roon keeps restart every few minutes

please reply

I cant use the system

Do you need the logs?

Hey @isaac_ross, I managed to enable diagnostics and noticed that your Roon Core has been up and running for the last ~24 hours. Do I have that right, or are you still experiencing persistent restarts?

Hi @kevin . The roon core is on all the time, but I did not use it in the last days.
The reboots only happens when I play music.
Can you see the logs of my corethe the 17 and 18 of December?

I see some network issues.

Can you try to play now and see what happens?

Hi @danny , what network issues do you see?
The core was not disconnected from the network but did rebooting.
Do you need me to play while you can monitor the system?

can you try turning off roon radio in the queue page and trying again?

I just saw some network losses… it wasn’t your LAN, but your internet connection.

Ok. Will turn off roon radio and report to you.
Does the internet connection can cause reboot of the roon core?

No, I just noticed it in the log. It was not related.

I actually didn’t see any reboots of the core at all, but there are things that may have felt like a reboot. That’s the Roon Radio in-library stuff.

When I say the roon was reboot, it’s because it stop working and after it came back the file scanning was operating. Like after turning the core on from off position.
You did not see any disconnecting on 17 and 18 of December?

I turned off Roon radio and play for about 3.5 hours. No issue.
Does the Roon radio is the problem?

Yeah it’s actually not roon radio, it’s the local library radio, which does not use the roon radio algorithm.

I believe this problem was resolved in build 884. Try it

Turn Roon radio on?

yes, with build 884 you should be able to turn it back on.

Thank you @danny

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